Friday, March 10, 2006

Dyeing to Get In

It’s Live and Let Dye Night at Knittingsmith for the next couple of Thursdays (not a Broccoli production, 007’s involvement might result in a spectacularly choreographed fatality if not sexual harassment). I was warned that there’d be a big crowd; supplies would be short, so I brought my own wool ~ 2-ply Wensleydale spun up a couple of years ago, about 35 yards of it. Getting to the shop at about 6:00p, I helped (not much, Penelope and Mary were veritable whirlwinds at set-up) to arrange tubs and mix colors using Kool-Aid; we had grape, cherry, blueberry, green apple, orange, and lemonade. There was also some Crystal Lite powder in peach, pineapple-orange and raspberry. The beauty of Kool-Aid/Crystal Lite dyeing is that it’s completely non-toxic; no nasty mordents or noxious fumes. And if you’re hungry, you can just eat the wool. Be sure to use sugar free Kool-Aid ~ high fiber, low fat. Twelve people packed into the back of the shop to color their hank of wool. The cherry yielded a bright red, while the Crystal Lite’s raspberry gave rose-colored wool. The green apple went screaming green; the lemonade did nothing, but was helpful in diluting some of the more saturated colors. The grape would look black at first, but after nuking it up in the microwave, faded to a deep purple. The orange was just precious, especially if paired with the mixture of cherry and lemonade making a sweet pink (yet still sugar-free). And the blueberry knocked me off my feet with the brilliant turquoise color. It was grand fun painting up the skeins of wool; each experiment resulted in something interesting. Some people were afraid to make mistakes, others were happy to dive in and make many (that’d be me).

Next week, I think we’re playing with kettle-dyeing or using crockpots. I’m rather excited.

So painting wool by night, painting paintings by day ~ I’ve become a rather painterly person. Unless otherwise engaged, of course. Someone has to sling the hash and chip the underwear around here. I’m eager to get to Walmart and buy more Kool-Aid ~ the kids can help. I’ll need more wool. Donations welcome.

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Ruth said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few evenings! I could almost imagine our defunct women's group out on the deck, dipping and dunking and laughing.

I miss you.