Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bohemian Blogging

Pictured here is one of our resident felines, Boba Fett (the hazards of living with Star Wars fanatics ~ everything including the African violet is named after some personage from the Lucas saga) with the Magic Loop sock in progress. (Humor me.) As you can see, I’ve turned the heel, which I can almost do without referring to the instructions. Soon I’ll be upright on two feet in the knitting evolutionary scale of things and then in dire need of socks. As I was spinning and plying this yarn, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Once it was knit? . . . Well, it just about floored me. Bear with me, I'm still in recovery. This mohair/wool blend is weighty and solid. The texture completely changed; not scratchy at all. So they’ll be my socks now. Knowing that I have more of this blend in different colors (including a screaming lime green ~ don't know what possessed me) waiting in the closet I’m formulating big, not very evil, plans. I have some fawn-colored alpaca spun/plied that’s been waiting patiently for something wonderful to occur. It might go well with some peach-colored mohair/wool blend to make me a fine sweater; something with heavy drape that can be enjoyed with jeans and a fine wine. Maybe just the wine. Time to search the Archives. Well, I’ll have to spin some wool first. Where’s that Harry Potter trilogy?

Thought for the Day: When life hands you broken digital cameras, let your Inner Bohemian Artist loose in Photoshop. (Give me another week and I might be able to airbrush the perfect bust and thighs on my knitted items.)

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