Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Do Not Have Evan’s Foot

It could be the title of an unpublished Emily Dickinson poem, but it’s not. It’s a reality. As a result, I’m winging it, flying without a net and other euphemisms associated with derring-do or entering a medical clinic without health insurance. Evan’s foot lives in Kentucky with the rest of his other various body parts, too numerous to mention. All I have to measure by is a pair of socks here in the Empire State. As mentioned, I can’t hope to match the pair his grandmother made, but I at least want them to fit. I’m working with worsted-weight single-spun in ocean and lapis blues (stuff I got from the Sheep & Wool back in October). For the heel turn and the feet, I’ll be using some buttery-colored two-ply Dorsett. Again, I’ll be modifying the Spinderella pattern for the Magic Loop. I considered joining the Knitting Olympics that’s floating about on some of the other blogs, but time isn’t on my side. I can’t knit and choose kitchen cabinets. I can’t knit and agonize over major appliances. I can’t knit and discuss interior and exterior doors. These activities are taking every last brain cell I have. It’s a miracle I got through the Fourth Grade homework last night without sustaining more damage. That’s why I figured it would be best to just knit up a pair of socks. If I want to delve deeper into a truly mindless activity, it would have to be drop spindling ~ or drooling.

The moebius is off the needles finally with mere inches of yarn left to spare. Whew! Called that one rather close! I don’t think I could have afforded another ball of that kid mohair. We do need to eat (the cats are included in that observation). Now all I have to do is block it. I’ve never blocked anything except maybe a drive-way. Since the moebius isn’t flat, I have to block it on an ironing board, draping one section as another section is pinned to be dried with a blow dryer. Sounds as confounding as choosing bathroom fixtures; which is why I’m procrastinating.

Instead of blocking, I’m planning my next three days. They are as follows:

Wednesday: Laundry. Read the latest Interweave Knits and Yoga Journal. Think about doing yoga, but make sure to do Savasana for at least one hour after that. Maybe knit.

Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, CPR Training for Brownie Co-Leader qualifications. Good thing breathing is the only requisite. The test will be how much I remember in a crisis. I doubt knitting or poetry reading would help in such an instance. At most, it would revive one’s wilted Inner Bohemian Artist.

Friday: 10:00 am – Whenever, A spur-of-the-moment play date (I still hate that term) with some friends. We’ll probably nosh and talk all day. I’m bringing my fuzzy socks and a woobie in case we’re doing naps.

Burning Query of the Day: Why is there a gun in the tub?

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R said...

If you lived in KY, you wouldn't have to ask that last question.

Shall I send Evan's feet? He can spare them, I'm sure.