Thursday, February 23, 2006

Artists’ Anonymous

Hi, I’m Dawn and I’m an Artist. I’ve been painting and knitting (with the occasional moment of drop spinning) like a madwoman for the past week. My home is an unmitigated mess and I’m long past apologizing for it. In fact, there is now a new sub-species of dust bunny made up of various hairs and pine needles dubbed the Prickly Pine Dust Bunny. It is a particularly spiky bit of dust bunny that gets caught in the sole of the unsuspecting hand-knit sock and impales the tender tootsie within. The dishes are done out utter necessity ~ like when we’ve run out of glasses (always the first to go). The kids have taken up Easy Cooking courses and are carefully assessing the state of their underwear as to whether they’ll go another day or not. I am on the Fringe of Society. I refuse to blend in with the rest of the Crowd by engaging in Soccer Mom/PTA/Hausfrau activities. I admit I have a problem.

But I’ve tried to make housework meaningful and fun. I’ve read the books on organizing Life (as if anyone could actually do that). I’ve done the Handy Household Tips thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s still boring, deadening work. Really, when one cleans all one is actually accomplishing, despite feng shui, despite the Spirituality of Cleanliness (and its neighborly connection with Godliness), is another opportunity for more dust and detritus to return. I say let the dust bunnies move in beyond capacity and hang out a No Vacancy sign.

But (again), this is skewed thinking if one isn’t plagued with being an Artist. It really is nice to have things in order at home and kids fed with clean underwear . . . Which is why I’m starting a 13-Step Artists’ Anonymous Program (the motto could be ‘One step above 12-Step’). I considered calling the program Creators’ Anonymous, but was concerned that God might show up with his big head and rant about Genesis (not the band) and deliver that little joke about creating the platypus on a bottle of wine and a whim. We’d never get through a meeting. The aim is to strike a healthy balance. Paint a little and then wash the dishes. Knit a few rows and then move the laundry to the dryer. Do some drop spinning while waiting at the Playground for dismissal. (Now, when do we fit in time for the blog?) It’ll take some time to adopt these new, necessary habits, but it’s not impossible. Hopefully, I’ll have the support of my fellow Artists.

That being said, I’m headed for the showers . . .

But (yet again), not before reporting that Sock One of Evan’s sock has been completed. It is Biblical in proportions and was finished during the Womens’ Downhill Flippy Ski-Jumping Thingy (I’m sure that’s not the correct term, but I wasn’t paying attention during the toe-shaping). I’m eager to get started on the other sock once the Long Program in Women’s Skating is on tonight. Unless I’m at the Knitters’ Roundtable . . . another night lost in a yarn shop after hours. By then, the laundry should be done. I don’t know about dinner . . . Baby steps, remember, baby steps.

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Ruth said...

I recommend finding out if you can make hosenfefer (sp?) out of dust bunnies. That would take care of two chores at once.

For some reason, I haven't vacuumed in two weeks or more. I have tumbleweeds made up of the usual dust, Bill's hair, Evan's hair, and the last few morsels of my sanity. Maybe I should just open the front and back doors and let the wind take it all.