Saturday, February 11, 2006

35 Reasons Why I’m Not Painting

1) I have laundry to do and lot’s of it.
2) I need to clean the microwave.
3) I need to change the bedding for my geriatric cat.
4) The kids are home.
5) I have to prepare food at indeterminate intervals based on demand and cognizance of hunger. (No one is ever hungry at the same time and they never want the same food.)
6) I don’t have a studio with a door that locks.
7) WAMC is now airing an opera. (Click and Clack were on earlier. Clearly, I missed my window of opportunity.)
8) I have last night’s, this morning’s and afternoon’s dishes to do.
9) The George Foreman grill needs to be scraped of last night’s hamburger detritus.
10) I’m running out of loose full-leaf organic Lapsang Souchong tea.
11) The easel is dusty.
12) I need to plan dinner.
13) I need to entertain my daughter who doesn’t have a play date. (I still abhor that term ~ it used to be a knock at the door and a small voice asking, “Can So-and-so come out to play?” Now it’s play dates with scheduling and the appropriate healthy snacks and politically correct behavior. What happened to jumping banana-seat bikes over 10 garbage cans without a helmet or adult supervision? Now those were the days!)
14) I need to referee video games.
15) I don’t have the correct striped shirt to ref the video games.
16) I’m building a house.
17) I need to paint the cat’s toe nails. (Alright. I just slipped that one in.)
18) I don’t feel like it.
19) I need to watch Harry Potter The Sorcerer’s Stone to capture the nuances I missed the first 20 times I’ve watched it.
20) I need to watch Harry Potter The Chamber of Secrets to figure out, once and for all, Mrs. Weasley’s sweater. (Just call me Ahab.)
21) I need to watch Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban simply because I’ve watched the previous two and this would just round out my day.
22) I’m writing this blog.
23) I’m writing in my Moon Diary.
24) I’m writing and processing my anger about not painting in my journal.
25) I need to get the entire yarn stash out of the closet to assess quality and quantity.
26) I need to figure which yarn to use for Evan’s socks and whether I have enough of that choice.
27) I need to finish the sewing of numerous patches on Bennie’s Brownie vest (I’m using embroidery thread and fancy border stitching ~ that’ll kill time).
28) I need to finish the lining for the Fair Isle bag.
29) I need to find a working digital camera for my blog.
30) I’m a mere 3” from finishing the moebius scarf.
31) I have this 40% wool/35% angora/25% mohair roving to drop spindle.
32) I need to dust the altar.
33) I need to put the yarn stash back into the closet.
34) I need to choose a spindle to twist that 40% wool/35% angora/25% mohair roving.
35) I have to do an internet search for other frustrated artists so that we can discuss why we’re frustrated and figure out what we’re going to do about it.

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Ruth said...

May I borrow some of those excuses as to why I'm not packing boxes?

You're brilliant. To hell with painting today - start on that book!

Love you. *hugs* and gooey chocolate.