Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things I’m Trying to Figure Out

1) Managing the blog. It’s taken me months to finally put the buttons into place correctly in the Links sidebar. I am an html idiot. I admit this freely. The buttons are a big deal and worthy of horn-blowing.
2) Why some people can’t take a joke or are lacking in anything remotely resembling a sense of humor.
3) Why football time is so completely out of sync with real time. Am I the only one to notice that 15 minutes football time actually equals 1 hour in any time zone?
4) Why moebius is an endless fascination. (You probably shouldn’t hand me a balled up piece of tin foil either; it might have the same effect given the present state of my sanity.)
5) Why cats choose, specifically, to lie on important documents, piles of papers or knitting in progress (sometimes even while I’m knitting) and then saunter off in complete denial after marring, scattering or unraveling said items.
6) Why my daughter cut her own hair and tried to deny it. There was hair of varying lengths in a small pile by the umbrella stand. I didn’t even have to send out for a DNA test.
7) Why the middle son is going for the Guiness Book of World Record in wearing the same underwear for more than a week. The term ‘skid mark’ hardly describes the condition of said underwear after I’ve pried them from his possession. (Thank the Maker for shower nights! It’s my only chance.)
8) Why the term ‘Six-pack Abs’ is used to refer to those people who DON’T drink a six packs of beer often.
9) How long it’ll take for the appropriate people/institutions to own up to the tree that attacked our car shattering the tailgate windshield. I’m still driving around with plastic and duct tape. (Let’s not mention the 12” long screw that’s being used as an antenna. Some people and their football games! Jeez.)
10) Why children choose to get ill on a Saturday night when the doctor’s office has no promise of being open until 9:00 am Monday.
11) Why one of my cats is scratching himself raw at the scruff of his neck.
12) Why homeopathic indications are so bizarrely specific. Like: If there’s itching, along with oozing and there’s a zebra standing in your living room, use Pulsitilla 30x. If the zebra is in your bedroom, then use Nux Vomica 6x.
13) Why I don’t have sock yarn in my stash. Not even one skein. Tragic. Now I’ll have to get some.

Just a few thoughts scampering through my mind.


Ruth said...

I have answers for precisely NONE of these questions . . . but I have to get more info re: #9.


Roseee said...
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