Thursday, January 05, 2006

In the Words of Gollum . . .

“Moebius is tricksy! It twists when we doesn’t want it and untwists when we wants it!” I suspect he was working with the same pattern ~ Fibertrends’ Lace Moebius Scarf. I doubt it’s any fault of the pattern, but more my inability to understand what the heck is going on. After plugging along, finally understanding (or groking, if from another planet) the nuances of the pattern design, to about 5 inches only to find that the twist I was certain would occur did not . . . Well, all I can say is that I was more than mildly disgruntled. With disgust, I cast the offending, non-twisted product off the needle and set it aside to let it think about what it’s done to my sanity and to consider what it might become now that it gave up the Sacred Twist that is Moebius. In the meantime, because I am determined to get this little project off the ground, I found another means of making moebius on the internet. The directions are confounding, but less so than the directions I bought (the pattern is still pretty though and worthy of executing even if started off differently).
That pattern can be found at
Dare I mention the need to get more of that Rowan Kidsilk Haze?

Since I refuse to post any photos of the Moebius Malificarum (sp), here are a couple of shots about the abode (I’m not getting out much obviously).

First, here is a pic of the revamped altar sporting none other than Kwan Yin. After the holidays, I felt it necessary to regain some sense of compassion and caring. The spirit of the season tends to be cast aside when wrestling another harried parent for that last special toy on the shelf. I think I’ll need 5 more days of yoga to recover.

And, at last, captured on film (well, pixel), the illicit bathing affair that’s been going on between the cat and rabbit. Front page tabloid stuff, I tell you. Flower and Skittles ~ I hope this doesn’t harm anyone’s future political career.

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Ruth said...

For some reason, I would have thought that the Moebius scarf would have had to have had the twist done manually by flipping needles or something. What do I know?

Love the kitty/bunny love affair. Their secret is safe with me.