Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Earth as My Altar

I’ve recently downloaded some fairly cool photos of the Earth from http://www.lunaroutpost.com/gallery/earth What with the renewed interest in recycling, reading Starhawk’s Earth Path and just trying to reconnect in general, I felt it was a fine personal statement having a photo of the Earth beaming at me from my altar (if I can ever get a chance to light a candle and sit there without snarling at family members) and smiling at me from my computer desktop. We take so much from the Earth ~ it feeds us, sustains us and we forget. Maybe recycling seems a futile effort, but I was nothing short of elated when the G-Men (sanitation workers) actually stopped at my house to clear out my recycling bin after nearly 12 years of not doing so. Why the cessation in recycling? I dunno, maybe it was bad attitude. Maybe I didn’t like where I was living to care. This is when it’s really important to remember that no matter where you are standing ~ in a lush field, at a beach, on a mountain, on a city sidewalk, in a beautiful home, in a slum ~ no matter where, you’re still standing on planet Earth. It’s home not just to you and me but a ba-zillion other life forms that all contribute to making Earth what it is. We aren’t just parasites feeding off an entity called Earth; we are a part of an ecosystem on a planet. We need to redefine the parameters of our contribution to life on Earth before we’re extinct and a cockroach is CEO of a major international corporation. (Although, if you think about it, he’d probably get a heck of a lot done since he has six legs.)

There are a couple of other interesting sites: http://www.care2.com/ and http://www.freecycle.org These are places where one can find better solutions to toxic cleaning products (I’m on a vinegar and baking soda kick, at present ~ the cats fear me, the rabbits recoil, the dust bunnies carry on as usual) and also to recycle our stuff which the 21st Century human has overburdened themselves with (I’m no exception ~ looking toward the as-yet-undetermined-but-inevitable Moving Day has me searching for a flame thrower on e-bay). Cockroaches don’t have these problems. They just need to avoid checking into the Roach Motels ~ small worry, really.

In some crazy way, taking care of a small piece of Earth, even if it’s just recycling and using less toxic stuff means taking care of one’s self as well.

In the meantime . . . I’ve been knitting this moebius scarf, pictured here with condiments and donuts (the kid’s lunch ~ don’t ask).

And a pattern seems to be emerging.

All knitted during various movies and The Vicar of Dibley (another favorite Brit-com). I’d like to be done with this so I can get back to the fast-paced and exciting world that is Fair Isle.

Cruel trick. The children are home from school one more day after winter vacation due to, get this ~ snow. Honestly!

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