Monday, December 05, 2005

Tippy Toes

Bennie's socks as modified from Magic Loop instructions are done. I even had a little of that rainbow-colored angora/wool blend left over to make her some wristlets, but dipped if I can find them for the shoot. I did make sure to include the notes in my Knitting Knotebook. It hasn't seen much action since the blog. It's a little more tactile as I have bits of yarn glued to every other page showing what was used where. I doubt my family would appreciate my gluing yarn to the monitor for the same effect. Sometimes a reduction in the use of technology is a wise move.

The modified instructions are as follows:

Favorite worsted-weight wool
#4 circular knitting needles
Gauge be damned
Cast on 30 stitches instead of 44
Split the stitches for 15 st on both front and back needles in the Home Position
Knit in pattern to desired length (I think I went about 2 1/2 - 3 inches here)
Divide and repostion stitches for the heel flap: 16 st on front needle, 14 on the back. The 16 front stitches are the heel flap. Work that awhile in the stitch meant for a flap for about 2 inches. Do the heel turn. Then pick up 9 stitches for the instep and instep decrease. Follow the decrease rounds as instructed until back down to 30 stitches again. Knit in pattern and Stockinette for the sole until desired length (couldn't tell you how far; I gauged by Bennie's pinky toe ~ once it disappeared, I started doing . . .) The Toe Decrease. I kept the place markers in place from the instep decrease, so I did the toe decrease rounds based on these positions. I worked rounds 2 and 3 according to instruction until down to 18 stitches and then worked round 3 until down to 10, whereupon I grafted the toe off and handed it directly to my anxious daughter. She wore one sock for awhile until I got the other one done. I even had to rip out the toe decrease because I was under pressure and jumped the gun, thus making the sock too short for her foot.

Dirk's grandmother saw me knitting said pair of socks for Bennie and demurely indicated she'd like a pair, size 5. Dare I say I need to get yarn? Okay . . . I look through the stash first!

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Ruth said...

Damn the gauges, full speed ahead!

Your kids are so incredibly lucky.