Thursday, December 29, 2005


I had a mildly brilliant thought the other day: What if I wrote my stuff in MS Word until I’ve exhausted all avenues of aimless rambling (with images) and then copied it over to the blog Command Post? I find that when I’m actually writing up my drivel in the blog Command Post, I’m not writing clearly because I’m acutely aware of how long I’m on the internet which is also on the same line as our business phone. Yes, I’m still in the Jurassic Period technologically speaking with regard to online hook-up. Dial-up. Drag.

A perfect example occurred a few posts back when I meant for anyone reading the blog to go to Pillowkits, which is indeed in my little sidebar. The reason I want you to go there is to check out the Moonkissed Mugwort. That and to take me to your leader. The Pregnant Paws (aka large feet) I was referring to belonged to the owner of the rather large socks I received in the mail to replicate. I hope I have that cleared up now. If I have, go there now and then take me to your leader.

The other reason it’s nicer to write up stuff whilst offline is that I can assault readers with a greater amount of drivel than usual. I will have the time to really get a thought in completely, perhaps with greater detail than necessary to truly drive one around the bend. I like a curvy road myself. Straight lines are bad in feng shui anyway.

That said, let’s review recent events:

Xmas Day ~ Enjoyed by all. Cooked for people. Visited other people. Naturally, the kids dove into the loot with great gusto and seem happy with the gifts Santa brought.

1st Day After Xmas ~ Recovery from said holiday. Unshowered bliss and pajamas all day for everyone (except Dirk; he went to work on the house). No people were allowed entry, more for their safety and well-being than ours. We all looked and smelled funky.

2nd Day After Xmas ~ Cleaned and dressed appropriately for leaving the house, we went on errands (the rabbits were desperate for some hay) and more visits. Dirk continued Tyvekking (a sad commentary on our times now that this word has become a verb). The guys were treated to Wendy’s chili. We had a simple spaghetti dinner. Knitting, TV viewing, and then bed. Boo-yah.

3rd Day After Xmas ~ I used a quality-brand Q-Tip to swab out my ear only to discover that there was no cotton on the stick. This lead me to believe that the following may have occurred: 1) there was no cotton on the Q-Tip to begin with and I wasn’t paying attention 2) the cotton came off in the bath robe pocket and I wasn’t paying attention or the disconcerting but ever-popular, 3) the cotton came off in my ear and I wasn’t paying attention. I was also relying on Dirk to look carefully in my ear to determine if this was indeed what happened. Medical skills lacking in Significant Other (who was also unwilling to fish about in the inner ear with a flash light and toothpick), I made an appointment with an otolaryngologist. The day quickly became a three-ring circus (like there’s any other kind) with the arranging of play dates and the borrowing of vehicles to get to said otolaryngologist. Once at the otolaryngologist’s, I filled out a vast amount of paperwork with regard to medical and financial history, sat in the special Looking in the Ear-Nose-Throat Chair after giving the assistant something to laugh about (I told her about the toothpick and flash light plan I had to save face) and then waited for the otolaryngologist. The kind doctor looked very carefully for all of two minutes in my ear, just to make sure, but found an ear canal not only void of Q-Tip cotton, but also wax. If I’ve accomplished anything, I’ve made an otolaryngologist’s year.

$80 later, I headed out to the Yarn Swift on the way back home (I owe you more gas, Heaven) to check out their wares. It’s a shop filled with, well, yarn and spindles and spinning fibers and looms and spinning wheels as well as spindles and knitting needles and so on. I treated myself to a ½ lb bag of Dark Welsh Top and a book, Folk Mittens, put out by Interweave Press. I feel much better now.

4th Day After Xmas ~ Otolaryngology recovery and knitting with as few kid visits as possible, no clue for dinner, possibly fitting in time to paint on the long-term project, no shower. The Fair Isle has been set aside momentarily to do a requested moebius shawl. The stuff I’ve chosen to knit this item is like knitting with spider web (giving one a sense of being like Arachne). Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze, Shade 582: a delectable mohair with piquant flavor and a heady aftertaste. I’m also trying my hand at a little lace knitting. This requested project isn’t going as quickly as I’d like, but that’s the Zen of it ~ I will surrender to the process. As long as I have that special twist that makes it moebius.

Well, it would seem this little experiment has worked well . . . If you’ve learned how to spell otolaryngologist correctly, I’ve done my job.

And proof that kids are having a lovely Winter Vacation:

And what’s up with the blurry camera?

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I love reading your blog! Great idea to do it up in Word first. More juicy bits for my hungry heart. Yum!

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