Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Minding My Own Bees Wax

As we get closer to the Day of the Longest Night, my thoughts turn ever more inward (I think I'm somewhere near the corpus callosum ~ if it's Corpus Christi, then I really lost. Send out a posse.) Where was I? Oh yes . . . Since nights are getting longer I create ways that bring in more of the Light. I make candles. 100% Bees wax, nothing less, and hand-dipped. If you think about it, a flame is living light, like the sun. What better way to bring a piece of the sun into your home than with a candle? (I won't bore you with the safety precautions. We should all know what they are by now, but simply put, left unattended the Living Light may happily consume your home and its contents. Saves on the post-holiday clean-up, but it's hell on your underwear.) I've also read somewhere, the Grand Encyclopedia of Somewhere, that bees wax, in particular, is good for detoxing space. It must be that special hoodoo that bees do which clears the air. The scent is calming and homey. It makes me feel like learning how to be a beekeeper. Candles and honey! Mmmm. Bee stings and epi pens . . . I'll just buy my lump of bees wax annually at the fair. The thing is, I love to do this simple mindless stuff. All day, I dipped and knitted. I have no one's dead lines hovering over me. I don't have to be anywhere, but where I am. The kids are safe and busy, the chickenscatsrabbits are fed (the hamster is sleeping) and dinner is planned (hah! half the battle over). Life on my Little Farm is good. I'm hooked on some technology though ~ the hampster couldn't possibly run the wheel fast enough for me to log on to the internet. Although, I could rig something up with the spinning wheel . . .

Still working that Fair Isle. It's waiting patiently for me to finish the second sock for Dirk's grandmother. Photos next post, I promise. I was caught up in the candle making thing today.

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Ruth said...

Is there no end to your talent?!?