Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bad Wool -- It's Not Just For Spinning Anymore!

There are times in a mother's life when she beams with pride and enthusiasm at the 4th Grade book report she helped her son make. This would be my moment in the sun. Ian needed to have a diorama of a natural disaster done by December 19. (Why aren't teachers aware of holiday knitting deadlines? Next year, I'm handing out pamphlets.) Ian made volcanoes as his disaster of choice. I immediately (and naturally) thought, "Great! I've got just the wool!" He needs to do the labeling and write-up on the piece ~ I don't think I could accurately forge his left-handed writing anyway ~ but the construction is done. Now, any other parents needing technical info last minute (and so they can get back to knitting with peace of mind), here they are:

A box that once contained New Snow Boots
Paint -- acrylic or tempra
Homemade papier mache (water, newspapers, white glue)
Candle and Crayons (stick w/ me, it gets better)
Gnarly Dark Wool (dude)

Once the box was found, Bennie and I set to shredding and boiling a fair amount of newspaper, watching carefully not to burn it. When the newspaper was pulpy enough, I strained the water out as best I could once cooled and added white glue (no measurement, just shoot for a decent consistency). I used the George Forman Grill drip pan to form the inside of the volcano laid face down on a cookie sheet and formed the mache over and around it. I let the form set over night and then popped the thing into the oven on very low temperature all day to dry. In the meantime, I prepped the box with background colors. When the volcano was dry, I sat with a candle and crayons (red and orange, of course) and carefully guided melted wax on the edges to make the lava. (Rather brought me back to my teenage days listening to Rush and burning candles in a Quianti bottle. Okay . . . I'm back now.) That finished product got hot-glued into place, followed by the faux-Corriedale to make the smoke plume. And that's how I made a diorama showing the dynamics of a Plinian Eruption. Ta Da!

Gee, do you think this will affect his grade? He's doing the writing . . .

And then . . .

Someone sent me these.

She knows who she is. (Bennie's and my socks included to show scale.) Since darning isn't a favorite pass time these days ~ not unless you're in a bar anyway ~ I've taken on the future task of knitting up another pair of socks for this fine fellow. Now, these aren't you're run-of-the-mill worsted weight Magic Loop socks. These babies were knit in fine sport weight yarn, love in every stitch, by his grandmother. I can only hope to match the quality and love put into the new pair. You just can't replace a pair of socks made by Grandmother.

You also may note a wee bottle in the pic. That's Moonkissed Mugwort. Worth every drop. It will be utilized to keep the nerves steady whilst knitting for Pregnant Paws. Check out the site (the link is at the side ~ unless someone moved it, which is always happening around here). And I got some funky earrings. I was wearing them during the shoot though.

And on that note, I shall make another empty promise to post the Fair Isle project. Ah, that Roadway to Hell and its pavement!

Thought for the Day: Look both ways before crossing or someone's karma will run over your dogma. I don't know what happens to your dharma.


Ruth said...

Oh dear Gods . . .

Remember when he was small enough to sleep under a pile of coats on your bed? That's only 10 years ago. Thank you for the priceless size comparison. Told you so.

No link for Pregnant Paws. Maybe next time . . .

Ruth said...

And one more thing.

Whose project was that??? LOL I remember those days.