Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Zen Heddle

1) The name a of a new rock band.


2) What I did today.

The latter. After taking a walk, stacking some rocks, walking back, and stacking more rocks I spent time threading heddles on Fannie. Doing the 1-2-3-4 draw is easy enough. Just needs attention. It's annoying to find crossed threads somewhere in the middle of a weaving. All it takes is attention. If knitting is touted as the New Yoga, then weaving is the New Zen Meditation. One's thoughts really can't stray too far from the task at hand. If they do, you end up in Texas or somewhere like that ~ Paris, Texas, if you're really lost. I carefully count out one heddle from each shaft. I mindfully pull each warp thread in order. All one, two, three, four. Simple counting, simple task. And then I leave the loom . . . simplicity leaves the building.

When that happens, you stack rocks. I'm no Andy Goldsworthy ~ he's a man that's got it down pat. (Check him out here I've seen his video; fascinating fellow.) But there is a simple comfort in stacking rocks.

Thought for the Day: When life gives you rocks instead of lemons, make cairns.

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Ruth said...

Of course, you know he knitted with sticks . . .

I yearn to see Fannie. I also yearn to know how she acquired her name!