Friday, November 04, 2005

We Paws For Gender Identification

Awhile ago, I noticed my male rabbit nesting. This would lead me to believe one of two things: 1) I incorrectly sexed this particular rabbit or 2) He's coming out of the closet. Given how difficult it is to discern what's going on with a rabbit's fuzzy bits, I'll assume it's the former. As least that worry is over! Now I just have to ensure they aren't exchanging math notes. Or maybe, if I'm lucky, they'll be more interested in quantum physics or opera rather than multiplication. In the meantime, Smudge ~ Ms. Smudge, that is ~ and Skittles get alternating turns at roaming the abode. Both out together would naturally invite disaster of hairy proportions.

We now return to the previously scheduled blog . . .

No comments on the tardiness of post-Halloween clean-up, please. The rabbit thing has been a shock.

Now that the camera has returned from sunny Alcapulco, it's feeling refreshed and ready to work at the blog again. Thus a photo of the finished bucket hat. The brim has my handspun Rose mohair in that Linen stitch while the crown is in a metallic/mohair blend. I know there is a special Hell for those that do not swatch before doing a project. Luckily, it isn't a deferred Hell. If the gauge is wrong, you're pretty much stuck with something that doesn't fit well. (Although, at this moment, I'm imagining being turned away at the Pearly Gates ~ which, in my warped mind, resemble those of Graceland ~ due to my sloth at swatching. Would this mean I'm doomed to wear every article of clothing I've knit haphazardly? Probably. At any rate, I'll be easily recognizable.) And while this hat is neat, it doesn't fit as well as I'd expected.

So, can anyone out there tell me about fulling? I've already done one thing wrong ~ let's see if I can remedy the situation with a washing machine. I'm open for suggestions . . .


Ed said...

OMG...I cracked up when I seen the picture, and the coming out rabbit...too funny! Love the hat.q

Ruth said...

Great hat . . . is this fellow already a candidate for the pearly gates?

I made a felted hat some years ago that was adorable, but WAY too big. I ended up giving it to Linda who, with all that hair, filled it nicely.

Love the colors. I've got to take a picture of a hat I've got that I'll be you'd love to try to duplicate.