Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sometimes You Have to Ask . . .

When will we wake up?!

Annually, like lemmings to the edge of a cliff, we race about doing things that have no soul, no real authenticity. I know I'm not the only one that feels the onerous weight of these winter holiday obligations. I know I'm not, despite what the Significant Other feels about my anti-social tendancies. I'm not anti-social. In fact, I can be a fun person. I'll agree that it has to be on my terms (perpetual Aries ~ it's all about me), but I'm fun, dammit! What would it take to scale down the Holiday Insanity? Simply waking up and really taking stock of the situation. We buy oversized turkeys that have lived their short pathetic lives in an enclosed space, not ever seeing the sun, not ever feeling the earth twixt their toes, not ever feeling the rain on their backs, not ever eating Real Turkey Food, not ever relying on their own immune systems to be healthy and we act Thankful about it. I'm far from being a vegetarian. I like turkey, in person and on the platter. What I don't like anymore ~ and maybe it's because I'm getting . . . y'know . . . older ~ is the running around and the nonsense. Family reunions are more than likely easier in the summer when all can reunite indoors and out. Family crammed in to watch football and await the roasted Turkey gets cranky. Especially with kids that don't want to be quiet and certainly don't want to watch football. Marketing is geared toward selling everyone in America this ideal that we need to have a Thanksgiving meal in this Traditional Manner, this whole Norman Rockwell thing. Traditionally, it's unlikely the pilgrims and Iroquois (?) even had turkey. They certainly didn't have the Oceanspray canned cranberries. Tradition has been twisted to suit the Market and we've lost the meaning, folks.

Thanksgiving isn't about turkey and football. It's about the Attitude of Gratitude. It's about being thankful for the people in our lives, the roof over our heads, the ability to come up with the money to squeak by, our continued good health . . . Gratitude is meant for Everyday and not to be crammed into one day in the company of screaming football fans on TV.

And then there's Christmas . . . Don't get me started.

Enough preaching. I'm working on a project. I can't write about it just yet because I don't quite know how I'm doing with it or how I feel about it. Well, honestly, I do know how I feel about it. I feel apprehensive. I feel the flutter of Failure lurking about. I feel the constant nagging of Low Self-Esteem tugging at my left ear. So, until I'm on better ground with the nourishment of Delight-in-what-I'm-doing and healthy doses of Praise, mixed with a dash of Pride. It'll just have to remain Unmentionable for the time being.

Otherwise, I'm going to start a pair of socks for the Princess with her angora wool bought from the Sheep and Wool.

Thought For the Day: The Elephant of Surprise far outweighs the Aardvark of Dismay. Hands down.

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