Sunday, November 27, 2005

Post-Turkey Trauma Recuperation

It is now official. The Xmas season is underway. Yoda has been bedecked with the annual xmas lights marking the insanity of the upcoming holiday. I'd like to call it Yule, but this is another one of those holidays that's gone to Hell in a hand basket (one probably well-crafted by Satan himself). So, it's Xmas ~ maybe it's better to just call it X, because it's a time of year I'd like to avoid massing. Small gatherings suit me fine. Especially if there's good food, maybe a little wine . . . and goat cheese.

On to fibery notes: I've completed one sock for Bennie. Once I remember what I did, I'll supply the technical notes for a Youths size 1 to 1 1/2 sock. I like how it striped itself with big fat delicious stripes. Bennie's choice of yarn was a pleasure to work with. As I'm being frugal with the yarn, I may have enough to knit up a couple of wristlets for her as well.

Also, you may note, Bennie is wearing her brand new Intended-to-be-a-Bucket-Hat modified to fit her cute little head. As I was working a mohair cord through the hat with a crochet hook, I decided that the hat could still be a hat just not a Bucket Hat. And as my daughter is willing to wear my mistakes, the Bucket Hat became a sort of Fop Hat which she gets to enjoy (I think that's what they're called ~ Colonial-type folk wore them). Whew! That's one Mohair Mess-up situation solved!

And this photo is merely proof that the Boys are still alive and well. They're presently in the middle of video gaming with their last few hours of freedom. Note the glazed eyes ~ it's not from donuts.

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Ruth said...

Thank the gods you do this blog and post pictures. It feels like I'm still part of your life.

Things have been Not Good here, thus no email. I'll write when I'm not feeling quite so much like curling up in a ball in a corner.