Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Making the Pies

Here are the Three Chefs baking the Pumpkin Pies for tomorrow's Beast Feast. Tom excluded himself due to Pumpkin Nausea ~ the smell of it just makes him sick; even with cloves and cinnamon.

One hour to bake pies = one week for the kitchen to recover. Simple math. It's another one of Einstein's little-known theorems, long before e = mc2. Hey, gotta start somewhere.

And here's me and Skittles NOT baking pies.

Now it's time for the latest remake of War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise (it might become a Thanksgiving holiday favorite; sort of like wrapping Christmas gifts to Pulp Fiction) and the spinning of more mohair.


Ruth said...

At last, a picture of you!! My, but you've had a very busy week of blogging. Love the yars, Millie, bunny, family, stories . . .

and I love YOU!!!!

Ruth said...

Yarns. The word is YARNS.

Yes, I'm tired. Been cooking a bit myself, plus picked up the geezer at the airport. The linen tablecloth is washing, which means an hour or more of ironing ahead. Ah, joy!