Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Loom with a View

Meet Fanny, my LeClerc four-shaft floor loom. We've finally busted her out of storage. At present, she's enjoying space and freedom in Dirk's future office, but will soon be moved to my studio once the walls and windows are in place. I could, if I really wanted to, weave right this second. I could weave while guys are working around me in a flurry of activity to finish my humble abode. I could sneak up to the site while kids are in school and enjoy quiet time in the woods. There's a propane heater (I guess I'll have to get over that fear of exploding and light it myself). I have warp thread. I know where my warp mill is and the weaving book (actually, I'm hoping I'm wrong about the book's locale because if it's in my basement it smells like mold). I also have a variety of single-spun yarns which lend themselves well to haphazard weaving. I don't even think I'd want to make a specific project like a table runner or place mats ~ I just want to chuck the shuttle and beat the weft. I've suffered serious weaving deprivation for years now; this is a big deal. But first Fanny needs a thorough dusting and cleaning. She needs her castle and beams polished. She needs to be tweaked and nudged until she feels good to work with again. Hopefully, she isn't too creaky and cranky. Hopefully, she'll forgive the years of exile inflicted upon her while I was fretting over the building of a house. Hopefully, the rhythm of beater and treadles will soften the wear-and-tear we've all endured working and waiting. A warm blanket might be nice though . . .

Meanwhile, back at the Funny Farm, I've knitted up a Tarot pouch using more of that single-spun mohair and the Magic Loop. Basically, I made a sock with a heel flap. I used stitches that would balance the twist of single-spun ~ the Loop's Beaded Rib and for the flap, the Moss or Seed Stitch. I knit the tube as deep as necessary for the deck in question and then shifted stitches to do the flap as long as desired. This pattern used a U.S. #8 circular needle. Now, the Duh Moment occurred when I bound off the flap and realized that I'd held the other stitches on the loop. I cast off adding a strand of yarn to do so, but I think the finished edge of the tube could have been cast off before I got involved with the flap. As I have a plethora of Tarot decks, I'll have plenty of opportunity to work this one out. This pattern could also make a cute cell phone holder or just a little pouch (I call them pockets because I wear plenty of duds with no pockets, usually yoga pants and skirts).

Today is Election Day. I've been an unregistered voter for years. Really, I am remiss in my civic duty. I've had plenty of opportunity to register ~ renewing car registrations, picking up mail at the Post Office, checking out movies and books at the library. I've had my chances and blown them all. My best attempt at casting my vote now involves crossing my fingers while the electoral process rages on. It makes knitting very difficult.

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Ruth said...

I have been holding my breath for some time now hoping that Fanny was intact. So very lovely to see her again!

Knit tarot bags? Woman, you are a genius.