Friday, October 21, 2005

Toasty Tootsies

Here they are warm and toasty on my tootsies! I'm quite pleased with the results. Magic Loop is a yummy way to get socks done. Out on the Playground (at school where parents congregate to pick up children at dismissal), I noticed another knitting klatsch had sprouted. Kirsten, Heaven, Grace and I set a precedence hauling our knits and needles to the Hill. (Well, Heaven doesn't knit, but serves up great chat. Sadly, the Hill is gone now. The school district felt it necessary to wreck the scenery with a new building.) Anyway, one of Them wandered over to check out the socks as I tried them on said tootsies. She told me she'd tried knitting socks but was too frustrated to finish. I brandished the Magic Loop booklet declaring, unequivocally, that this was the booklet to get ~ she'd be knitting socks in no time and not only for herself and family, but also the cat. Now maybe they'll let me join Their stitch and bitch. Apparently, I was glossed over in the recruiting process despite indicating that I'd love to create a knitting/spinning/crochet klatsch with some other handy like-minded folk. I guess I'm just a Lone Knitter headed off into the sunset on my trusty steed with my green and purple striped feet spreading the Good Word about an easier way to knit socks.

Now . . . I have ALL of this unspun wool sitting on my Kitchen Comfy Chair (I haven't been able to sit in my favorite chair for a week now). As I walk by to get dinner ingredients, the Pile winks at me, inticing me to stop what I'm doing for some touchy-feely. When I go for that healthy, cleansing drink of water, the Pile invites me to make wooly plans to leave my family and head for the hills with nothing but a spinning wheel and a Lazy Kate. As I'm brewing my tea, the Pile pleads with me to turn it into something luxurious and fantastic. How can I walk by and not comply? What the Pile needs to know is that I have this Mohair on the side that's been waiting to be spun since summer. It's a nicely dyed rosey-greeny colored bit of fiber I got from the Knittingsmith during the Dry Fiber times before I got the the Sheep & Wool. In this, I am a One Wool Woman ~ I'll finish this roving first before tickling my fingers with the new stuff. It's the Right Thing to do. Commitment is so demanding! Soon, my precious . . .

Oh, and one more thing, I may be a bit late on the uptake, but I'm loving the latest Tori Amos CD (did I spell that right?), "The Beekeeper." For three days now I've turned the boom box on to Play and then Repeat listening to Tori's haunting voice until the cows ~ or rather, the children ~ come home. On the same day that was purchased I also got some older Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Freaky Styley" with P-Funk's, George Clinton. Delicious music!

Errata: I'd once posted that Cait Johnson's "Cooking Like a Goddess" had been reprinted as "Witch in the Kitchen." It would appear, by the looks of Amazon dot com, that I was wrong and stand (or sit and spin) corrected.


Ruth said...

Stitch and bitch? rofl You really have to commit this stuff to print form.

I've heard most of the TA cd, and it is wonderful, yes indeedy. However, to look backwards (and forwards) at her inspiration . . . KATE BUSH IS RELEASING A CD ON NOVEMBER 7, HER FIRST ONE IN 12 YEARS!!!! Me, excited? Watch the video of the single at

SDMC said...

Your socks are really pretty. They look nice and warm. I'm still working on my first pair with the magic loop process, but I love it so far.

I definitely agree about the movies and spinning. Another good tip -- books on tape or cd from the library. I can listen for hours!