Monday, October 17, 2005

The Sheep & Wool at Rhinebeck!

After some morning visits and drop-offs, I made it to the Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck. A planetary alignment ensuring that I had money and a working vehicle at my disposal made it all possible. For three years I hadn't been able to get to the Festival, my only source for unspun wool, due to cash flow or auto troubles. Finally, my penance had paid off! Even though I got there four hours before the festival would end, there was still plenty of wool to spare for purchase. After losing my mind in a colorful stand of handspun, I got back on track to purchasing what I usually can't get in the local shop ~ roving and batts. At one time, I'd have been happy purchasing fleece, cleaning it myself, etc. But on this trip, I wanted stuff prepped for spinning with colors, thank you. Once I ran out of cash, I just cruised the rest of the joint snagging cards of venders with dot coms. I figure if I've seen their merchandise and liked it, it would be safe to purchase over the internet in the inevitable fiberless future.

Rather than doing an arm-sweep cleaning of the dining room table filled with recent Star Wars gifts for Ian, I decided to include them. So here's some of the wool I bought with a portion of the Star Wars ensemble.

Here, the gun ship Clone Troopers are guarding the latest shipment ~ an addition to the yarn stash. Mostly handspun, hand-dyed (could have been foot-dyed, I don't know) sheep wool and some of it was some angora mix. This is the only time I lost my head at the Sheep & Wool.

In this scene, the Trade Federation is ready to talk turkey with the Republic on a fun deal of $10 per hand-dyed wool top roving from Nick's Meadow Farm. It's one of my usual stops at the Sheep & Wool ~ I have yet to be disappointed.

Obi Wan Kenobi bravely defends the mohair/wool blend from Clone Troopers. (The Wool Cats were still napping from their all-nighters.)

Jabba is gorging himself on this delicious dyed mohair. Tom, Bennie and I were allowed to pick out any color we wanted from a wide array of locks ~ like kids in a candy shop!

This is a skein I bought for Bennie's yarn stash with Luminara fending off the Empire. Now before I get any comments about the disparity in amount of added yarn between my stash and my daughter's, let me say in my own defense ~ it's every knitter for themselves! This is an angora blend, by the way.

Much appreciation to Tom Geithner for technical notes and who's who in the production of this photo shoot.

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Ruth said...

You really should post this to the magic loop group. I think I have to send your blog URL to my mom now!

Yummy colors in the roving. Wow! Oh, I guess I have to actually learn to do the sock thing - Jay expressed an interest in having some hand-knit socks and my mom is no longer able to do it (needs a joint replacement in a thumb).