Monday, October 24, 2005

Guy Gets Older, Lives to Tell About It

Today is Dirk's birthday! We had a wonderful meatloaf-and-mashed-potato-with-gravy-and-peas dinner followed by Betty Crocker's Lemon Cake (with sprinkles). Tom lit the number candles and carried in the cake. Ian ranted about being unable to play his new video game. Bennie took pictures of the rabbits. But we all sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.

It's funny to think that, without divulging ages, I've known this man for more than half our lives now. We've grown up together ~ which is a little weird. And yet familiarity hasn't bred contempt; maybe a new breed of sarcasm, but no contempt. He is the best man I know. When he looks at our children, I see the love and delight he has for them in his eyes. And that warms the cockles of my heart. May he find many more years of love and delight in Life and I hope I'm still along for the ride (I believe I'm still the bearer of a non-refundable ticket).

Number candles on the cake blotted to protect the innocent headed for the Incline.

On a fibery note: Upon countless hours of searching for a FREE hat pattern, specifically, the Bucket Hat Pattern, on the 'net I finally ended up digging through past Knits mags to find the Furlana Hat and Mitts by Rebecca Harris ~ Fall 2003, to be precise, page 48. And I got that info off another blog that I stumbled upon, but did not make note of. (I was just thankful to find the FREE pattern.) The brim utilizes the Linen Stitch and then Ye Olde Stockinette about the crown. It should work fairly well with single-spun mohair. I'm just NOT going to fight with plying this goat hair. I'm not even taking it off the spool ~ knitting right off the Lazy Kate, I am. That's it and that's all! Not another word . . .

So, I'll let you know how that goes.

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Ruth said...

Please tell Dirk I sent Happy Birthday wishes, and may he live to be a nuisance to his great-grandkids!