Saturday, October 01, 2005


As I was in Uttanasana gazing at my toe jam yesterday, I realized that today would be the day that Dirk and I met 24 years ago. We met at college (oh, too cliche). I picked him up. I let him know that I'd bring him back to his car at the college parking lot the next day. He respectfully declined ~ probably for his own safety if for no other reason. I did walk with him to his next class and for half a second, we both leaned in for the quick comfortable peck that veteran couples utilize on departure. It was as if we'd done it a thousand times before, we were just picking up from somewhere and some time else; just another day. I think we knew then that we would mate for life like wolves or swans.

I used to believe in that whole Soul Mate thing and wondered if this person was mine. Then I realized that if we all met our Soul Mates then we wouldn't learn a blessed thing in our life times. We're meant to be with who we're meant to be with for the time we're meant to be with them. (Are ya with me?) Each relationship is a platform for learning about ourselves and the world. Each relationship is precious. (I am in NO WAY speaking for anyone who has gone through abusive situations. I haven't had that experience and wouldn't dare to suggest that abuse, in any form, is an educational one.)

So, we've done more than half our lives together. We have three wonderful kids between us. We're continuing to build a house and a life together. It hasn't all been sunshine and roses, but it's been a lot of fun. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm looking forward to more fun . . . and laundry.

To celebrate, we're installing more windows. I have my Malabrigo yarn wound and ready to go for a pair of funky socks. I might be inviting disaster (bring it on), but I'm going to hazard another modified pattern. More on the technical notes later.

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Ruth said...

If this love be mere illusion, may my sight be ever occluded.