Thursday, September 08, 2005

We Are Now Seven

Today is Bennie's Seventh Birthday. Daddy's Princess is growing strong and fast (mostly legs). Mommy's Sweet Pea is intelligent and creative. Her brothers have their criticisms and different labels, but they'll be the first to let someone have it if she's being messed with. All of which warms the cockles of a mother's heart. Bennie was lavished with money and gifts ~ she went shopping with Nani for four (4) hours. We now have a Barbie Pet Center, another Build-A-Bear critter (with the appropriate clothing and accessories), and Polly Pockets out the ying. And I just cleaned out the kids' room! Oh well . . . I like the Barbie thing. I get to play with it while she's at school.

A couple of weeks earlier, we tossed the Big Bash Party at the Chuck E. Cheese's. I didn't want to burden parents with the first week of school AND a birthday present at the same time. It's enough to keep your head straight shopping for school supplies nevermind a gift for someone else's kid. Bennie and the Girls (they didn't qualify as Jets) partied for an hour and half, boogeying down with Chuck himself, and ate the most sugar-laden cake I've ever laid tongue on. It was games and tickets and the Ultimate Shopping for drek at the ticket counter. Hey, the pizza was okay. What is priceless was the big smile on Bennie's face playing and laughing with her friends in the Dairy Product Rodent wonderland.

And here she is, the Queen of the Ball a couple of weeks earlier. May she be blessed with many more of these days. She is certainly a blessing and a miracle to us.

Happy Birthday, Bennie!

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Ruth said...

No, I refuse to believe it. Bennie can't be 7 already! Her hair looks like milk chocolate in that top photo.

Build-A-Bear? I'm a bit out of the kiddie loop these days. Guess I'll have to look online to know what you're talking about.

Ah, Barbies. I miss Barbies.