Friday, September 30, 2005

The Tempest and the Blue Socks

It was a Shakespearean tragi-comedy of sorts yesterday afternoon. Prospero (aka Dirk, Significant Other) was obsessed with roofing tarps. They were not in place. The wind (which he may or may not have conjured) had flipped and twisted them in a crazy, useless way preventing the house from staying dry during down pours. At that moment, along with the tempestuous Wind, came the Rain. And so, Prospero, hoisted himself into his Snorkel Lift (bought used a few years ago at a good price) and went to battle the Elements. I, Ariel (aka Me, Silly Person at the Bottom), had the task of helping to hoist Prospero up and down at his command ~ either a thumbs up or down ~ with a nail pressing into the appropriate thingy to make the lift go up or down, because the Up and Down controls in the bucket panel had gone on vacation ~ permanently. (At least they're smart. Side-to-Side has yet to join them in Aruba. Let's not discuss the over-worked boom extension controls.) Prospero, with hammer in hand, in the driving rain, about 30 feet or more off the ground, wrestled with the wind and the tarps, taming every shrewish square inch he could get his hands on. Ariel stood about getting soaked and squinting up through the rain drops awaiting the next command. All was going fairly well despite the weather until Prospero hit a nest of bees. At that point, there was much flailing and hat waving to drive off the swarm while new commands were being issued haphazardly for Ariel get away from the Up and Down controls because Prospero was eager to use the Side-to-Side controls in the bucket. Although Ariel knew better, knew that Prospero ought to come down and get some Benedryl as soon as possible, she watched on annoyed as he continued with much ado about nothing.

Final Act: After a final thumbs-down, Prospero descends by way of Snorkel Lift (with the assistance of Ariel, of course) looking like Popeye. Ariel drives Prospero home to Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, grilled cheese and two Benedryl. Prospero then drifts off to an antihistamine-induced slumber while Ariel gets back to her day. Much to her chagrin, the sun is shining.

The End.

At least, Prospero got enjoy his socks while recuperating from bee stings.

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Ruth said...


I love reading this, really. It gives me such a sense of being there! Sans bees, of course.