Saturday, September 17, 2005

Homeless Skeins Adopted

It all started with a trip to the store to get my daughter an analgesic ~ she's a bit feverish ~ when I decided to stop in at the local yarn shop, Knittingsmith. Sometimes, I like to stop in and check out the sale stuff, see what I can get for $4.00 a ball, and chat with the proprietor. She knows I like to spin and will gladly take dyed mohair roving off her hands, but she didn't have any. After showing me some pricey sock yarn, she took me to the wall where this lovely stuff was. A kettle-dyed merino, single-spun yarn. Just delicious! And the price wasn't too shabby either, about $10.00 a 215-yard skein. The company name is Malabrigo with a dot com of, by golly. (The site is in another language though. Spanish?) The colors I chose are Garnet and Red Pearl. Naturally, there are no immediate plans for these skeins so they can go play amongst the other yarns in the stash until some creative flash hits me.

Secret daydream: I sometimes wish I could work in a yarn shop. My other secret daydream is to sling hash in a Texas diner with big hair and chewing gum like Vera in that '70's show "Alice." I don't know where that one came from, don't ask.

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Ruth said...

How about a diner in Alabama?

Lurvley yarn, dearie. Looks like something seductive.

Oh, you might want to delete that idiot's wayward comment from 2 posts ago. Moron. Sheesh.