Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bumping Against Potentiality

The craft store finally came through with the elusive Wool-Ease Worsted Weight Denim yarn necessary to knit this sock a mate. It's going to have to wait until I finish my pair of Heather Forest Green socks first ~ the second of that pair are underway. I am confident that I'll be done with these socks before the middle of September and we'll be enjoying them by the first frost. Now the kidlets need socks knitted by Mum. I'll let them choose their colors next trip to the store (and it adds to my stash).

In the meantime, back at Spirituality Ranch (there are many ranches in my mansion), I've been attempting to find more information on my ancesteral gods. I'm basically ecclectic in my spirituality, but I am trying to grok the Baltic pantheon, 'cause I'm mostly Lithuanian ~ two legs, an arm and a fair portion of my torso as well as the frontal lobe of my brain. The rest I can't account for; split between Canuck and Greek(so I put feta on my pancakes). (Remember that word, grok, from Stranger in a Strange Land? Auther eludes me at the moment.) I also lean toward the Kitchen-Cottage-Hedge Witch thing. The burning internal question is: Can I marry the two without offending anyone carnate or incarnate, divine or mundane? And do I really care if I do? On the whole, I'm not harming anyone and I believe I would be honoring my gods in my way. I don't know the Lithuanian language so I couldn't sing the dainos or sutartines with any great effect or confidence, but I can speak plainly enough from my heart. I can't re-inact the daily activities of my ancestors (in some cases, I really wouldn't want to ~ technology has spoiled me), but I can borrow from those activities that enhance a sense of connection with the Divine. After much reading and researching, I'm feeling that Saule (SOW-lay), the Baltic Sun Goddess is my Goddess. She manages Women's Work ~ household, spinning, weaving and meal planning (okay, I added that last one) as well as the turning of the day. Gabija (Ga-BEE-jah), technically rules the hearth fire. While the electric range isn't literally fire, the work is the same as standing in front of the hearth. Couldn't the similar prayers and offerings be made to Gabija fitting Her into my daily 21-century life? If I spill food on the burners, couldn't I ask Her to be sated and bless my meal? Could I leave a little bit of the evening's fish sticks on Her altar (and would She require more tartar sauce)?

Well, that's whats on my mind lately. I'll bet you wish you hadn't gone there now. Anyway, here is my patron Goddess, Saule. She is the Sun, She shines on my day, She makes my spinning wheel turn (and all this time I thought it was the treadles). We both like amber jewelry and long walks on the beach.

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Ruth said...

Can't see a problem with your worshiping in the language you know. Is Mass more "spiritual" in Latin, or does it just sound that way? The Gods are nothing if not adaptive - how else could They survive? However, I think cocktail sauce is a better co-offering than tartar sauce. The Tartars were pretty vicious.

Robert Heinlein wrote "Stranger in a Strange Land."