Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boys Get Belted

Tom and Ian got their stripe and belt in Jeet Kune Do today. Tom is now sporting a blue belt in classes and Ian has a stripe on his green. Getting through the Rainbow of Belts, Tom has two belts (with stripes in between) to get to black and then he may be eligible for the adult classes (with the adult prices). But that is a couple of years away.

Sifu Torres has been studying and teaching Bruce Lee's style of Jeet Kune Do for a heck of a long time. Tom has been in his classes since 2nd Grade. Ian had to wait until he was six before he could join. There are many days, he practices Jeet Kune Don't ~ he isn't as focused as Tom, but he passes the tests. Go figure. So here are the Boys looking all snappy and Jeet Kune Do trendy.

And what would an evening at Jeet Kune Do classes be without Rabbit Adoption? I have fun in weird ways. I was approached by another JKD parent the week before ~ "You got a rabbit. You want another?" I must have a tatoo on my forehead that says, "Will adopt wayward animals. Please inquire within." So we have another rabbit. He came to us named Sweetheart (they thought it might be a girl at the time), but we've renamed him Skittles in the hopes of regaining some dignity as a lop-earred buck. Smudge and Skittles are still testing each other out in separate domiciles. I'd like to take them out for a beer and let them get to know each other, but I suspect neither of them drink. What else could I do to get these fellows to get along and get over the disappointment that neither of them is a doe? Perhaps if I could set a common goal, like avoiding the stew pot. It would give them something to rally against . . . And so here is Sweetheart/Skittles in the furtive parking-lot hand off.

Happiness is a two-bunny home!

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Ruth said...

Wabbit season!
Duck season!