Sunday, September 25, 2005

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

I've just returned from my very first Girl Scout/Brownie Leader/Co-Leader meeting (so many slashes, so little time). I signed on as Co-Leader to Bennie's local Brownie Troop. I took my time carefully considering the consequences, but decided it was something I could do with and for my daughter. My offerings to the meeting were a trip to the local Cat Sanctuary where the girls could sit and 'socialize' with the cats waiting to be adopted (no adoptions necessary ~ just handling and playing, maybe a cup of tea ~ good for the Manners Badge) and knitting at a March camp-out. The latter already seems more daunting than the former. I know I could hang out all day with cats. Hands down. Teaching 18 girls how to cast on and knit ~ well, that's another matter. It might require two Prozacs and a call to the doctor in the morning. At least a snifter of brandy . . . Well, as I like bridges so much, I'll just wait until I cross this one. (So many bridges, so little time.)

Meanwhile, back at the Plantation, there are two Large windows installed in our house. You'd think I'd never saw windows in my life. It's really weird looking through windows in 1/34 of window holes in a place that, up until that moment, resembled an oversized tree fort. I'm now painfully aware of how careful we need to be on site because the two windows that are installed come to so much money even God would blanche. A broken window now would easily cause an aneurysm, nevermind the Neverending Rant. Spilt milk, it ain't! I hope to post pics of these bits of happiness and progress in the next few days.

Fibery Notes: Blue Wool-Ease socks almost done. Soon, Malabrigo Madness. For now, back to the Plantation where I can finish them socks . . . Maybe.

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Ruth said...

Let there be light! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

I was wondering how long it would be before you wound up doing the Girl Scout thing. My sister-in-law did it for years, and adored it. Just think of the lovely, testosterone-free environment.