Monday, September 12, 2005

Artistic Pretension

Sometimes it's necessary to wake up in the morning and declare, if only internally, that you are an Artist and just behave like one. Having had it up to the gills with waiting for the Right Time to do my crazy art stuff, I pretended I was a Bohemian Artist setting out on her play date of creation. I fed All Creatures Great and Small in the abode and then took over the kitchen table to work on the Butterfly Madonna. I mentally cast Sacred Artistic Space to disperse distractions and interruptions. I made sure my coffee was the perfect temperature. I made believe that I couldn't work in shoddy conditions and changed the atmosphere necessary to create with music by Libana. I even avoided showering (okay, too much info ~ but my passions lie with working on the piece, not personal hygiene; I'll be passionate about scrubbing my butt later). The point is to make the time for Me because someone else would be more than happy to take my time and do something less than desirable with it. There are a million ways to replenish money/abundance ~ Time is precious and you don't get it back.

Enough existential angst, here's the Madonna as done so far. She has changed much since last posted. Yesterday, I strung beads on wire, then tapped those into place on the piece with brass linoleum brads. Mixed media, it's not just for breakfast anymore!

When I had to get out of the house to work on the other house (and to get the kids out of my hair), I trucked all my beads, wires and nippers with me. A table was set up in my future studio and I continued to play. I had to stop a couple of times to help Dirk with the lift, but it wasn't often enough to bother me. It was good to work in that space ~ I felt like I was setting Creative Precedence energetically.

That was yesterday. Today, I am Master Chef. The kitchen table is set like an altar with the ingredients necessary to make Apple-Squash Soup from Cait Johnson's scrumptious seasonal cookbook Cooking Like a Goddess (since reprinted/retitled as Witch in the Kitchen). Time to don the Sacred Apron and get started!

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Ruth said...

Okay, time for you to send some of your art in photographic capture off the the folks that do the Women Artists Datebook. Every year when I buy one, I wish that your work graced its pages. Enough stalling!!! Go to and find out how to do it!