Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Altars and Butt Paintings

I have finally gessoed over the Butt Painting featured from summer. As you can see, I have it drying in a perfectly inappropriate place ~ just right for one of the cats to add their little paw-print signatures. Someday my Studio will be done. For now, it's the kitchen. The Butterfly Madonna is minding the situation until I get the second coat on (we're still tacky). Now I'll just need to paint something up. An artist's work is never done ~ even if it's just meatloaf (which I made early today to manage the Jeet Kune Do rush). Amazing how a blank canvas encourages all Visions to quietly tip-toe out of the room, snickering. Makes being a Visionary Artist a very elusive task. I start by looking under the couch where a greater portion of my Dust Bunnies live. They're usually uncooperative as to the whereabouts of said Visions, so I move to the refrigerator to see what's happening there. Can you say "Comfort Food?" Better to peel potatoes, I suppose ~ adds to the Angst.

On my screen desktop, I have a picture of an alter I'd set up five years ago (ouch). It's something I enjoy seeing when I come to the computer to surf, write, crop photos or play Solitaire. It's been that long since I've set up a decent altar. Oh, I've got the one in the bedroom that I forget to sit at everyday. And then I have the Crate Box Altar that is in the living room ~ it's sort of my working altar. That space has moved with me two times since its inception. I've also just set up a Kitchen Altar where I light a candle to any house-y deity helping me cook that night (I think it's Isis tonight ~ need to check my calendar). On this altar I set an amulet from Amulets of the Goddess made by Nancy Blair to strike the tone, so to speak.

For this portion of the planet, we're turning in. If I had my druthers, I'd hibernate. But society forces us to bundle up and go out. The point is that in Turning In, it's time to make inside beautiful, to make the Sacred Space. Otherwise, one suffers Cabin Fever by November. It isn't like being outdoors where, unless there's a nasty land fill nearby, everything feels alive and Sacred. So, I'm aching to make really a big fat altar to the Art of Making a Big Fat Altar ~ it's just something I haven't done in so long. Yet another yen.

In the meantime, I shall slog on with the remainder of the Denim Wool-Ease socks. (Yes, I'm still at the toe. Pathetic, really.) I leave you with an eye toward Big Fat Altars and Malabrigo Merino. Oh, and one less Butt Painting.

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Ruth said...

A decent printer will give you the prints you want, and you can find online sources for ink that beat the hell out of office supply store prices.

Someday, you've got to turn this blog into a book.