Monday, August 01, 2005

Testing the waters

Okay. I've done it. I'd been mulling it over some time now and it's done. I'm now a blogger. It's my intention to keep the creative processes the focus of my blog ~ whether I'm painting, knitting, spinning or weaving. But other stuff in daily life does seep thru. I'll keep the angst to an extreme minimum; unless it's amusing (which it rarely is when in the middle of it).

So, let's get started . . . I want to knit something. I can't seem to choose a project. I'm on the fence about socks. Then I thought I might do something featured in Knits magazine from "Folk Bags," but lacked the proper wool (and I don't dare add to the stash now). Besides, I'm busily adding to the wool quota spinning off some alpaca/mohair ~ it's already plied and waiting to be niddy-noddied. Maybe I'll have enough for socks on the Magic Loop method . . .

Also I have some canvases waiting to be gessoed over so that maybe I can paint . . . soon. These were free canvases a friend retrieved from the bin at campus. They have red bands and what appear to be black-and-white buttocks. Truly not my style of painting and clearly begging to be blocked out of existance to become something else. I don't think I want to paint socks though.

Above is one of my recent oil paintings done on two 24" x 36" canvases. I titled it "Making Stars." But this a sample of some of the work I do (and also an op to test out the image-retrieving device on this puppy).

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Ah ha! I found it!

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