Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rude alpaca

Those dewy-eyed, docile alpaca have a secret. They save their unruliness in their wool. All through my academic career I obeyed rules only to come to the Fiber School in a constant state of rebellion. They say don't spin alpaca solo ~ it needs to be mixed with gentle sheep wool. "But it's so soft and luxurious," you say. "How can something so fantabulous be that difficult?" Alpaca is like a spoiled child in this respect; it's going to twist how it wants to twist and there's no discussion about it!

But I have managed the unruly alpaca in its 100% form and here's how it came out:

There it is in 654 yards of loveliness, but note the beady, furtive eyes . . .

Now below is a tamer alpaca/dyed mohair blend.
This is about 255 yards. If I choose to make the Magic Loop socks, I need another scant 5 to 10 yards. I think I can scrape that together and get started. With the mohair, this alpaca spun up a little loftier ~ the future halo effect should be fun, even in socks.

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Ruth said...

You are absolutely AMAZING. You've come such a long way from those first attempts at spinning.

Are you going to sell some of this gorgeous stuff????