Monday, August 08, 2005

My Summer Vacation

We're building a house for the summer (a continuing saga). On the outside, it looks like an abandoned Christo project, but on the inside . . .

it looks pretty cool. It's a post-and-beam timberframe. We love the red Doug Fir.

And here is our builder . . .
This is a cool shot of a future Great Room (as in, "Wow! What a great room!") view from the 2nd floor promenade (okay, it's just an open hallway). The tub is proof that we are indeed moving closer toward civilized habitation. (At present, the subject of windows has me frothing at the mouth, so don't even ask.)

The kids and I had the lake all to ourselves for about 3 hours before the summer renters and Manhattanites emerged from their summer retreats. Here are the kids enjoying a tourist-free lakeside beach. I got to read the NY Times in its entirety ~ a rare treat.

After we were thoroughly sun-drenched, water-logged and sanded, we had a barbeque dinner in the future back yard. I love barbeques because I don't have to cook.

Builder by day, chef by night . . .

and every Burnt Varmint Chef needs sous chefs.

Leaving on a somewhat fibery note, the Princess got new knitting needles just for Her Royal Self. Kid's knitting needles from Lion Brand ~ they are cute, one red and one blue (don't know why) with little kitty heads. She commented that my Brittany walnut wood needles were 'okay,' but these little needles are just right. She didn't have to cook either.

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Ruth said...

Wow, even. What a plethora of pictures and info! The house looks quite a bit different than the last time I saw it. So do the kids. I wouldn't recognize Tom.

Are you sure that the Princess isn't Goldilocks in disguise?