Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Looking Toward Autumn

It is a bittersweet time of year. Summer is winding down and school begins next week. While spending full days with my kids may have driven me around the bend, it was nice free-floating through the days with little or no plans, routines or schedules. However, at this point, it's getting a bit old and I'm now looking forward to getting everyone into school. It's during those hours, if I have a car, that I'm a free agent and get a lot of things done ~ like build a house . . .

And although Mabon is still a few weeks away, I felt compelled to redress the altar. The painting stayed (it has become a focusing tool for me), but the horizontal surface saw some changes. Tom made a cool batik cloth in art last school year, so that's on there along with a bowl of corn cobbed from the Century Museum corn cobber at the Fair, my prayer beads, a few crystals and the deer antler. I let the candle burn awhile t0 usher in the seasonal shift that's occurring now. I would love dearly to have my Kwan Yin and Mary figures displayed somewhere safe, but this rental is so small and with the daily influx of child and cat activity I don't dare leave them out to get broken. The Kwan Yin is porcelain gifted to me by my grandmother. The Hummel Mary figure, not glazed in colors, but porcelain white, was also my grandmother's. I'd put a request in for that specific object long before she passed on because I knew it to be her spiritual icon. They are both lovingly wrapped and packaged safely until I have a safe place to keep them. Sometimes, when I need a dose of loving compassion, steadiness and connection to MotherSense, I haul them out for the duration of a much-needed meditation. They work well together, Kwan Yin and Mari (my preferred spelling for Her), on that altar ~ the next time they're out, I'll get photo of them. They might even wave and smile, beaming unconditional love.

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Ruth said...

Funny how that mother energy just couldn't be subsumed, eh?

I know what you mean about feeling Autumn coming. We've had rain rain rain for 3 days now and I have a sense of the Turn.