Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Look, Ma! A Free Chair!

How could I leave it behind? A rattan chair in perfectly great condition! What a find . . . literally. Uh, wait. I mean: it followed me home. That it needed to be loaded into the cargo area of my Subaru is of little consequence. It just needs a cushion now that it has a home and great potential for becoming my knitting chair (also reading and sketching and whatever). So cool in a really sublime way.

On to the discussion of fiber. What is the Numero Uno rule of knitting? One would think I should know it by now, but I wrecklessly shunned it, I tempted fate, I threw caution to the wind. Devil may care! What is that Rule? Make sure you have enough yarn (and maybe then some to add to stash) to complete your project. I went to two (2) chain craft stores to find Wool-Ease Worsted Weight Denim with a fair amount of certainty that either one would have the stuff. To my utter annoyance neither had that weight stocked in Denim. Oh I could have gotten the new chunky knit stuff from Lion Brand in Denim ~ they had plenty of that. But it was useless to me. I resigned myself to ordering it through the first chain craft store where I was told Denim was already on order. I quickly left my name, home and cell numbers with emergency contacts as I need the wool to finish the pair of socks. (Otherwise, according to comedian Steven Wright, it could be matched by thickness rather than color.) The sympathetic woman handling the order understood the situation and assured me that I'd be the first to be called. Whew! I swear on a healthy stack of stash yarn I'll never do that again!

As a consolation, I bought two skeins of Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in Forest Green Heather. At least I'll have enough yarn for those socks. And I feel much better . . .

Anyway, here's the progress thus far. The little pathetic lump of yarn at the top of the photo represents all that I have left until I can get to the store. (Notice how the new chair made a great prop for my present work? Its already fitting in!)

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Ruth said...

Do you suppose anyone makes a print fabric from a Kahlo painting?

Poor little sock that's lost its toe . . . Evan's got lots of socks that my mom put together from leftovers and assortments. He loves them, and YES, he wears them to school.

Great chair. Next, please post a picture of yourself in the chair, knitting or spinning!