Sunday, August 14, 2005

'Lectric Dreams

It has been a very busy weekend at the site. We had electricians, about eight of 'em, and they were a highly ambitious and hardworking lot. Much appreciated, I can tell you. It was rather exciting (and mildly embarassing) to ask how we turn the lights off when we leave. After casting odd glances in our direction, it was patiently explained and demonstrated that all we needed to do was flip the switches. Duh . . .

At present, most of the house looks like this:

And there are more holes for the windows that are coming sooner than expected. I'm feeling a bit charmed in the realm of construction ~ apparently, windows manufactured sooner than expected is nothing short of a miracle. There must have been a special planetary alignment that week just for window manufacturing. Here is a new hole in the future studio as of this weekend . . .

I don't dare show more than that right now. The place is a bit of a mess after the Electrical Swarm.

At one point, I sat down to knit a tiny bit more of that sock (I'm still waiting to hear from the store on the rest of that Denim). Naturally, one of the electricians noticed. He told me he likes to knit cables and that making sweaters is his favorite activity in winter. Rather interesing to pull cables for a living and then to enjoy knitting them when not. Knitters just come out of the wood work around here.

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Ruth said...

You are the queen of bad puns.

Do you want me to look around here for your yarn?