Saturday, August 06, 2005

Going Loopy

As promised, here are some pics of the sock-in-progress. Technical notes: #4, 40" circular needle and Lion Brand's Wool Ease (or Wuh-leeze! the perfect cop-out wool), Denim. I don't know if this sock is knitting up faster because I know what I'm doing (i.e., I know how to knit socks) or if it's the Magic Loop ~ hence the name. I'm leaning toward the latter. In this photo, I'm obviously at the heel flap. The instep stitches just hang out on the loop and I use the needles to do the work in the necessary areas. Much to my delight - I mean, chagrin - I need to get some more Denim Wool Ease. Somehow, another skein of something interesting manages to make its way into the basket on the way to the register. What can one do? A stray ball of yarn is a terrible thing ~ I simply tell people it followed me home and I can keep it . . . somewhere.

And here's one of the many reasons why I can't get things done during the day . . .

Obi Wan felt his presence was a necessity during the sock's photo shoot. Honestly, what would I do without him? Clearly, I have issues with strays whether the fuzz comes with four feet, two feet or none.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Obviously, you not only have a gift for knitting, but you also have a gift for photography.

Keep taking pictures and chronicling. Oooooo, I have the name of your future book!!

"The Chronicles of Yarnia"