Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Carving Out Time For Peace w/ a Grapefruit Spoon

Because my body and soul craved it, I made time for yoga. Unfortunately, my children did not agree and persisted in yelling at each other at the tops of their youth and pre-teen lungs while I attempted to maintain balance in Tree Pose. Yoga doesn't work, in fact it fails miserably, if I have to leave my little sanctuary in order to join in the screaming and demand my rights as a serene Zen-type person (dammit!). At least things were calm by the time I hit the mat in Savasana (aka, the Corpse Pose). Miraculously, I was able to deal with the rest of the day while I sproinged around like limp spaghetti for a couple of hours. But that bliss only lasts so long. Apparently, there's always something to scream about. Nonetheless, yoga asana practice is my Axis Mundi even if dead in the middle of craziness. It's my moving meditation and much different from knitting, spinning or painting. Knitting and spinning allows me to space out; painting requires playful focused attention. Yoga grounds me.

It would seem that my throne has been usurped. My daughter proudly showed the progress on her scarf to a friend while announcing that the new-found chair (w/ the perfect found cushion given me by a friend) was HER knitting chair. Hmmm . . . At any rate, here she is knitting in The Chair ~ the use of the tongue whilst knitting enhances concentration.

In the meantime, I hear the electricians are returning this weekend. I'll have to make coffee again. This should be their last visit for quite awhile. Soon, windows ~ I have no idea how they'll be installed. Another to bridge to cross . . .

Update on the Denim yarn, Stardate whatever: still in limbo. I'm nearing the toe an' she can't handle anymore, Captain! Well, I wonder what other project I can start? Time to peruse the Knits magazines . . .

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Ruth said...

You are the bigger mammal. I suggest you use the Hurling the Child pose and reclaim your chair!

Just the same, it's cute seeing the pix of her knitting. That's quite a painting, lady! I'm glad you're finding time for that too.