Monday, August 29, 2005

At the Fair

The family went to the Dutchess County Fair this past weekend. We saw resplendent roosters (no, we didn't buy any) and sheared sheep. At one point, I saw a woman walking around with a bag of fleece. Fleece!Only another spinner would understand my wooly lust, but I was eager to find out where she got it from. She was lost in the crowd as we sat waiting for the shearing demo to begin. It was all I could do to contain myself. When the shearing was done, I asked one of the demo spinners in the Wool Barn if people were selling fleece at the Fair ~ turns out it was one of the other demo spinners done for the day taking her stuff home. Oh well . . . maybe I'll make it to the Sheep & Wool this October . . . with money won from gambling or the Lotto or I could shake down a leprechaun on the way.

At the vintage machines area, I bought a slot loom, aka Amish loom, knitting loom. The cash goes to keeping the Century Museum going and I got a nifty new gadget to knit yarn on. They look wickedly easy to make which means I could make a few and share a skill with the Girl Scouts. Here's what I started just yesterday ~ just the little bit of a future scarf peeking out to the left there. I bought the loom started with the Museum's demo yarn, but it's being continued with Lion Brand Homespun (which isnt' ideal if just learning how to work with the thing, snags too easily, but I'm managing).

The kids endured, whining and grumbling, our bizarre passion for agriculture and animal husbandry finally making it alive to the rides. Many threats were issued (a few we invented involving duct tape, bamboo and toes) to stave off the immediate run for the Rides ~ the veritable Money Pit of attractions. Fair food was enjoyed by all (as well as the subsequent gastrointestinal disturbances). The day at the fair was a long one, but memorable: as in, I will remember not to ever ___________ (fill in the blank) again!

And here is the green sock on the Magic Loop hanging out with the last of the summer Echinacea. It didn't get to go to the Fair.

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Ruth said...

Is that knitting loom similar to a knitting bobble? Looks like the same concept from what I can see. What can you make other than a scarf?

Coolness. I miss the Dutches Cty. Fair. I should probably check out the KY State Fair, which is held in L'ville. It ran last week. Thousands and thousands of cars . . .