Tuesday, September 18, 2018

this old house

Not gold but only men can make
A people great and strong

~ A Nation's Strength by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our Father of Earth is ready to work. He is carefully assessing the situation and preparing the work space. She is totaling the estimate and gathering the tools. Because work can't be done unless certain items are in place. Even the building of a foundation needs a foundation, some good ground to stand on. Not too sandy or too wet. Bedrock is a fine thing to build on, but requires more work. All of which also requires a certain flexibility.

If one is working with an old house, one must gird loins for the inevitable surprises ~ rotting sills, electrical wires leading to nothing in particular, plumbing pipes that can be carbon dated. Our Father of Earth is just the person to hire. He is steady and reliable. She is knowledgeable and, most importantly, calm. Renovations are a daunting task.

Of course, this is all metaphorical. Translate the above into your task of choice today. Gather your necessary tools, rally your good senses, and, above all else, keep calm.

The fruitfulness in the East has my attention today. Along with the berries is an amethyst cluster. These items here speak of coming to fullness with a calm center. A bit of an oxymoron to have an ending in a beginning. However, knowing there is a reward to be reaped keeps an eye on the prize, keeps one's head in the work rather than living in dreams (another thing the East is known for). A methodical approach to finishing a task is needed here.


Do your Work today. Plan accordingly, but be flexible. The rewards are yours, but they will benefit everyone ~ keep that in mind.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

mad love

I don't want to wonder if this is a blunder
I don't want worry whether we're going to stay together
till we die

~ Love You Madly by Cake
The Lovers leaning right is raring to go. Not sure where, but that will be worked out later, apparently. This arcana is often associated with Big Love ~ love that rocks the ages, huge universal love. We humans mostly focus on the relationship aspects of The Lovers card, but as this is a Major Arcana, there is so much more than marriage involved.

The great power of Choice is also associated with The Lovers. Because, if you think on it, when one true love has been found, it means all others fall away and a choice has been made. This is true for polyamorous arrangements as well. (Out of the millions of people one has chosen, oh, let's say, three. That still leaves quite a few that didn't make the grade.) The card, however, is leaning right and so things are exaggerated.

Are there options being forced on you today? Are you pushing for certain things too soon? Too late? There's a feel of racing to the Finish Line without any real clue as to why the rush is on. Rein it in a bit, mate. Or you're going to crash.

Which brings me to the little fellow hanging out on the Dogtooth calcite in the South. Ant is usually associated with patience, taking some time to do things right rather than rushing head on. And since Ant is hanging out in the South, that place of communal fires, it's a fair indication one might want to pace themselves in the company of others. Don't rush to make a judgement, avoid hasty decisions, and try to keep your foot well away from your mouth. This might be a day when it's better to let certain events unfold. Wait a little while to see what happens before jumping into the fray. The waiting will go a long way toward making the better choice.

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Sunday, September 09, 2018


We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

~ Woodstock by Joni Mitchell
The 9 of Earth is usually a young woman enjoying the comforts and ease of her work. The 9 of Earth is the Horn of Plenty for he who has sown effectively. With this exaggerated energy (leaning to the right), there is a strong desire to get back to that place. Because something isn't sitting well right now. It could be the change of season ~ summer to autumn for us Northern folks ~ a desire to stretch those balmy days into winter in some way. But that is not possible and we simply must move with the seasons because that's just how life goes.

The desire to be somewhere or sometime else usually reflects a sense of being ungrounded, rootless. Being present is usually the best remedy. Giving attention to where one is in this moment makes it easier to respond. There's no room for woulda-coulda-shoulda here.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm noticing that edge of rock looming in the North. It looks as if that blue stone and the diamond-shaped stone are either headed for it or it's bearing down upon them. I feel like this blue stone is the Third Eye, that extra bit of sight we humans have, and it is being obscured by something large and heavy. Which creates a desire to step aside, get back to the good times, find ease again in the garden. The diamond-shaped stone could be a portal and the only way out is through. Going through a thing, once again, means being present and aware of events in the moment of their unfolding, thus being better able to respond. It means paying attention rather than running away.


Reflect on those good times, reflect on all the good work you've done and how it's benefited others as well as yourself, but there is other work to do here and now. It requires you to be firmly grounded where you are and using those resources you have rather than running off to the next best thing.

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Thursday, September 06, 2018


Waiting on this for awhile now
Paying my dues in the dirt
I've been waiting to smile

~ On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
The World comes bouncing in on an easy tune. Because all is right with The World today. The image is one of ease and completeness, wholeness. Often, we have gone through a series of events and obstacles to reach this point. Getting here feels glorious! And that should be celebrated. However . . .

In this moment is also a new beginning and we now stand on the fulcrum of another journey. We are The Fool again stepping onto a new path, filled with other challenges and pitfalls. We go around again. Hopefully, a little wiser from the last journey.

And so what has my attention in the Polestar Oracle this morning is the egg in the South. It goes rather nicely with the egg being held in The World's image. Found here resting in the South, the egg could mean finding potential in community and such communal endeavors. It is a world within worlds, the egg is ~ complete, bound, a seed, a spark of life beginning. There are no guarantees of how things will turn out. Again. But that's the point of the Journey, isn't it? The World holds the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's how we approach these things that makes all the difference, well, in the world.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018


I watched the strawberry fields
Dry up and wither away

~ Hypocrite by Cage the Elephant
Summer's end has come and autumn is creeping in. Little wonder few are feelin' the love today. Folks return to their daily grinds and work-a-day schedules. Some youths are starting school. But summer is tired, people. The blooms have bloomed, the fruit has fruited, and it is simply time to root in. Some of the Work is work and some of it rest.

Why bother mentioning this with a left-leaning 2 of Water? Perhaps there's a sort of pulling back, the flow isn't feeling so even ~ either it's been too much or it's been too little. (Hello, Goldilocks.) In this portion of the world, the days are getting shorter. The long cicada-song days of summer recede into the darkness of a quiet winter. It's felt in how we greet the day with morning a little darker than usual. The tired 2 of Water doesn't mean we love any less, it's just not showering the world with that love. Meeting and greeting are put aside for some alone time and contemplation.

Sometimes love is letting a thing go. Which is how the frayed birch bark in the West speaks today in the Polestar Oracle. Perhaps we feel frayed, dried out. Perhaps we're at some creative impasse that requires Doing Nothing for awhile. Perhaps we need to crawl out of some tired, dry husk of self to grow. Which means we might be feeling raw, tender, and vulnerable. Extra care might be taken in relating to others and calling boundaries on how they relate to you.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

sing it with me

When I'm drivin' in my car, and some man come on the radio
He's tellin' me more and more about some
useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination

~ Satisfaction by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
*sigh* Okay. Here goes. Today's 4 of Water isn't very promising. In this image we are being offered another cup, slightly different from the other cups sitting on the table. However, because we've perhaps seen enough of the same ol' same ol', we don't trust this new cuppa being offered. How different can it possibly be? It still holds the beverage of our choice. What does it matter?

And that, my friends, is the issue with the 4 of Water. Apathy, feeling jaded, tired of the same crap, the SSDD attitude. However, along with this cup, this different cup, is an opportunity for growth (note the strategically-placed ivy leaf). And it might be a good idea to accept the opportunity. Some meanings for Ivy, can be found here, but have fun searching more.

In the today's Polestar Oracle, I'm noticing the blood-red stone and cluster of dried hydrangea in the East. Well, East is generally that place of inspiration, fresh starts, new beginnings. Dried hydrangea isn't very promising, but the blood-red stone might indicate some deep energetic work coming to the surface. And maybe, just maybe, taking on a new opportunity will yield satisfying results ~ even if that opportunity appears to be the same as all the others that didn't work out so well. For fun, meanings of hydrangea can be found here. It might give a clue as to how your opportunity might come wrapped up in.


Don't be so quick to turn down something. It might, on the surface, look and sound like the same useless information, but spend time investigating just a little further. This one might actually work. The other cure for apathy is gratitude. It's a fine practice when everything seems less than satisfying.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

darker than usual

Aren't there enough words in your veins to keep you going?
~ The Shadow Voice by Margaret Atwood
Our Mother of Fire isn't feeling The Spark. She is, in fact, feeling squelched, dampened, uninspired. It is these times when her warm spirit feels more like a bitter coldness. She may be caustic and sarcastic. She will most certainly want to be left alone like Demeter, depressed and hiding in a cave while Baubo, lifting her skirts, coaxes her out. Because bitter coldness is a fair sign one's sense of humor has hit the highway.

There is a red leaf in the North on the Polestar Oracle today. Perhaps our Mother of Fire could use some grounded fire. North is usually the direction that speaks of good solid things ~ earth, foundation, security, reliability. Red is an energetic color. It could be anger that needs to be expressed, grounded in the moment rather than simmering in the background. It could be the need to manifest a thing ~ writing, art, clean dishes. It is a matter of grounding and directing the spark, channeling it in a useful way. (Because, sometimes, fire is kin to electricity.) In either instance, our Mother of Fire needs to tend her own fires today rather than stoking the fires of others (which, on a good day, she does quite well).


If you are feeling out of sorts, today might be good for tending to self. Find your sense of humor again (lest Baubo come to your door). It might feel better to hide away and be alone, but good company will often shake the doldrums.

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