Sunday, November 25, 2018


Let me keep my mind on what matters,
Which is my work,
Which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.

~ The Messenger by Mary Oliver
The Hierophant spends her time steeped in tradition, the inner workings of culture, the places of learning. She is often misunderstood as a being of hierarchy, dispensing knowledge and knowing to those worthy of receiving it. Sometimes, it makes sense to get your knowing in digestible portions. Can you imagine getting the Knowing of All in one go? A bit much to swallow. Instead of focusing on The Hieorphant's lofty position, step up and recognize her in another way ~ as one's inner guidance or teacher. I've an idea all humans possess such a being within themselves. Attention and a desire to understand one's self are the only requirements.

So. Stand still a moment. And listen.

In The Polestar Oracle, the little green leaves in the East have my attention today. Think of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Remember the simple energies of trees, that they are sleeping, but still speak of winter dreams. The lessons are many as there is more than one leaf. They don't all need to be integrated at once, but taken in over time. Which requires you spend time, listening and learning.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, November 16, 2018


And every shipwrecked soul knows what it is
To live without intimacy

~ Every Breaking Wave by U2
The 2 of Air is trying desperately to detach, step back, think. The number 2 doesn't create very good boundaries because it's one or the other. On rare occasions, both. In our four-dimensional space, 2's tend to fall flat in the area of protective space. The only safety is to sit with What Is and let a solution present itself. This means finding time and space to be alone ~ not so much to think, but ponder. Or not think at all. Instead, take this time to feel into the empty spaces letting them be an internal oracle.

The malachite egg and green plant in the North has my attention in the Polestar Oracle. North holds the element of Earth, that place of grounding, crystals, material manifestation. Malachite is a green, heart-centered stone giving courage and breaking through those barriers that keep one from feeling or expressing emotions. The tiny seedling plant might be an indication to let those roots find purchase in a rocky situation. Sit with it. Let there be a lesson learned rather than escaped. The 2 of Air doesn't dodge bullets.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, November 02, 2018

look up

Don't make a shadow you yourself
Always shutting out the light
Caught in your own creation

~ Third Eye by Florence + The Machine
Today's right leaning Temperance is out of balance yet seeking desperately to be in balance. This sort of striving puts one off-kilter and scrambling for an integrated state yields no relief.

Temperance works best in clear-minded sobriety, not the mania of manipulation, of making things work when they won't. As the pure alchemist she is, if a thing ain't working, Temperance lifts her wings and moves on to find the right elements which will work. In The Everyday Tarot, the Temperance angel is covering all the sectioned images. She holds all the elements involved; Air, Fire, Water, Earth. She has eyes in her wings and so has more sight than most. But Temperance here today needs to remember to look up. She's become too mired in the work of Her Work, forgetting that connection, integration, is part of The Work. Temperance knows what integration looks like, but isn't embodying it very well today.

And that, my friends, is the business of integration. Embodying all your many elements and facets, being who you are and doing your work, without struggle and contortion.

With the green leaf in the East on The Polestar Oracle, I'm thinking it might be a good day for a fresh start. Set aside the manic desire for balance, find the elements of the environment you're in, and work with what's available (but not too hard). The funny thing about striving for balance is how the striving won't get you there. The moment you stop trying so hard is when the state of equanimity finds you.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween and The Hermit

I put a spell on you / Because you're mine
~ I Put a Spell On You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Tongue in cheek, the spell The Hermit puts on you is one of delicious solitude. Bare bones solitude. Just you and your shadow solitude (take that anyway you like, my friend). I'm dead tired of hearing about the thinning of the the Veil. I despise plastic Halloween decorations and the adding of xmas lights to a night once reserved for candles lit in hollowed-out turnips. I no longer have children to cart around the neighborhood in over-priced costumes getting ridiculous amounts of unnecessary candy. That rant put out there, I'm set up for a lovely evening by the fire pit shooting the shit with a few Ancestors. Besides, archaeoastronomically speaking, Samhain ain't tonight. It's November seventh (in my neck of the woods at least). Blessedly, this bare bones time is not a one-night affair.

The Hermit wants to hear her own thoughts or nothing in particular. She wants to wander the desert in search of bones and painted mountains and open sky. She wants to be lost in her own creativity, daubed with paint, standing in awe, almost forgetting to eat. She certainly isn't going to stop and cook dinner for anyone else.

The Polestar Oracle has a bony-looking leaf in the West. That direction holds the element of Water and emotions, as well as intuition, merging, tears. The leaf's shape reminds me of ribs, that container of the Heart. There may be a heartfelt submerging of Self into deep waters, a replenishing of one's Source and connection. That's not likely to occur on a sidewalk in a raucously decorated neighborhood collecting candy. Better to find a quiet place with close family or alone. Let there be a flame, either by candle or fire pit. Let there be silent consideration for the time of year. Let there be time well spent with your Ancestors. You can not hear them with the Halloween noise, but you might hear them in the sizzle of the wick or the crackle of the wood.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle 

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Oh, the queen of peace / Always does her best to please /
Is it any use / Somebody's gotta lose

~ Queen of Peace by Florence + The Machine
It's time to take a step back from the madness today. The 6 of Air offers another perspective, one removed from the situation, an overview. Which, if one has been mired in a thing for too long, is a necessary step. The 6 of Air is clarity and peace of mind that comes with detachment; the number 6 being a harmonious number and Air being a mental sort of element.

It could mean you literally go somewhere else for a little while, to gather your thoughts. Small journeys that distract, offer detours, sometimes yield interesting insights that might help with the matter at hand. Otherwise, the other option is the metaphorical journey ~ read a book, get lost in Netflix, make some art or dinner. Hammering away at an issue simply causes mental strain and overall exhaustion. Let yourself have this rest today.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm drawn to the mugwort leaf in the East. Mugwort is often associated with protection, dreaming, and divination along with a host of other correspondences. In my area, the weed is ubiquitous and readily accessible, which means whatever I need is not all that far from me. Stepping away doesn't always mean abandonment. All that is necessary to get through a crazy situation is often available and closer than one thinks. Let your mind air out and make room for new ideas and thoughts to fly in. A solution my present itself sooner in a relaxed mind.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Friday, October 19, 2018


There's a long line of cars and they're trying to get through
There's no single explanation, there's no central destination

~ Long Line of Cars by Cake
Really, there's no greater testament to the energies of the 7 of Earth than vehicular traffic (which, hopefully, never leads to vehicular manslaughter). Patience is the buzz word for this card. Sure, you've got places to go and you're on the road, but so is everyone else. And you gotta share the road ~ with other cars, with semi's, with bicycles and motorcycles, and, occasionally, the odd pedestrian or two. This shared environment requires vigilance and attention. It requires wisdom and, yes, a pinch of compassion. Because we've dealt with the idiot driver and have been the idiot driver.

It's a hard spiritual tack, but sitting in traffic means utilizing that little koan about the journey being more important than the destination. Turn up the music and sing along. Listen to an audiobook. Get lost in the dulcet tones of AM talk radio. Or turn everything off and soak in the environment as is (which makes for an interesting spiritual practice).

My attention is drawn to the echinacea bloom in the South, sitting with a fine quartz crystal. As mentioned, you're not the only one on the road. You're in a community of other drivers. Getting from A to B means everyone is driving under the same conditions and laws in that moment, sharing the same route either the whole trip or for only a few minutes. They also must be patient with the same conditions. I've an idea echinacea, an immunity-boosting bloom, speaks to the healing of a situation utilizing patience and compassion. Even on the road. Even in a traffic jam. At some point, the light changes and everyone gets to move ahead.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle

Thursday, October 11, 2018

regaining balance

It's a different kind of danger
And my feet are spinning around
Never knew I was a dancer
'Til Delilah showed me how

~ Delilah by Florence + the Machine
When the 8 of Water is upright it indicates a move away from some situation in life. One is usually ready to move on because the work is done, some goal has been achieved, and now it is time to search for some deeper meaning. The present position has other insights.

This might be a day of some lost meandering, vagueness, floundering. The number 8 is tied with karmic work. It is finding the stillpoint of either extreme and working from that point. The very act of walking is losing and regaining balance repeatedly yet still progressing in one's direction. From a certain age on, many humans have that act down. Barring any tragic occurrences, we manage that balancing act well into those golden years.

If no solid decision can be made today (and if there is no urgency), it may simply be a good idea to step away from the matter and regroup. Gather your emotions and settle your mind.

In the Polestar Oracle, I'm drawn to the triangular shard at the feet. (Think of the image as the human body; head, arms, feet.) If it were standing, the shard would be balancing on the apex instead of utilizing that sturdy base above it. And so again, finding some equilibrium will be the task at hand. Take one step at a time.

The Everyday Tarot
The Polestar Oracle