Sunday, April 22, 2018

bring it on

You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache

~ Bringin' On the Heartbreak by Def Leppard
Okay. Let me tell you from the get go, this is not one of my favorite cards. I can deal with Death and The Tower just fine, but the 3 of Air is a whole other thing. And it's these fearful cards one needs to take a step back from. Break it down a little.

Let's start with the numbers, shall we? 3 is typically social, creative, communicative. The Number 3 likes to have fun. With others. What happened here? In this case, perhaps there's been a gathering of grudges and other hurtful thoughts. Perhaps they've been held too long and there's a strong need to communicate those sentiments to the right person, in the right way.

And that's where the Element of Air swoops in. Air is usually assigned that mercurial, mental realm. If you're not careful, it could be all talk with no emotion to support it. Like the apology that falls short of forgiveness. Speaking words with little meaning.

To add to the mix, the 3 of Air is turned to the right, which in this system means the energies are exaggerated, forced, blown out of proportion. This is where, sometimes, Tarot might be helpful. A card could bring one's awareness to a certain behavior, the usual way of handling situations. This gives one an opportunity to take a different approach. If you normally shout out and spew whatever is on your mind, not caring who hears what or how it's said, it might be a good day to take a moment and listen first. If you're one to hold the words, anger, tears, whatever, it might be better to express those feelings without fear or recrimination. Either way, it's a bold step.

The 3 of Air requires work. Which is an awful lot to ask on a fine Sunday. With a little care and attention I'm fairly certain we'll all get through today unscathed.

The Everyday Tarot

Saturday, April 21, 2018


I want to thank you falettinme / Be mice elf agin
~ Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) by
Sly & The Family Stone
Where are your people today? You know the ones. Those who you used to ride with, share laughter and tears with. Those who know you so well that even getting back into their company years later, you pick up the threads (or reins) and head out to make more memories. The 3 of Water rarely points to family members in that sort of company. These people are your Compadres, your Tribe, your Besties. You've been without their company for too long.


Maybe you see them everyday, but it's time to do something out of the routine. Plan a thing, go do it. Either way, the point is to find yourself in good company and have fun today. The 3 of Water wants to see you enjoy life. Preferably, with your Peeps. I'm sure you have them on speed dial.

The Everyday Tarot 

Friday, April 20, 2018

the slow burn

I declare I don't care no more / I'm burning up and
out and / Growing bored

~ Burnout by Greenday
Our Mother of Fire ain't feelin' it today. She is tired, bedraggled, leaning to the left for a long lie down with tea and Netflix. Bingeing on Lost In Space may be her only plan and goal. Perhaps our Mother of Fire has been doing a little too much lately. She's been keeping the hearth fires ablaze. There's been a lot of cooking and tending or paperwork (which burns quite nicely in the blazing hearth fire, come to think of it). Friends stopping in frequently for tea and chats and commiseration (because she likes to lend an ear when she can) has become too much. And today she has simply had enough.

It's mentioned ad nauseum how busy we all are in this world. That we all run at a breakneck pace to keep up with, well, everything. That busy-ness, sadly, is valued above all else. To the point of burnout. It is in this time, one needs to put a stop to the madness and have that lie down. This is a day for calling on some personal boundaries in order to rest and nurture that inner spark before it's doused completely.


Do the bare minimum. Put away the cell phone. Avoid that pernicious social media (except for this, of course). Find a book you've been meaning to read or plug into some streaming TV. Unless there are true emergencies to tend to today, shut the world out and take a break. Why wait for illness to create an enforced rest? Rest today, care more tomorrow. Replenish yourself so you can better serve others.

The Everyday Tarot

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

shine on

Well we all shine on / Like the moon and the stars
and the sun

~ Instant Karma by John Lennon
The 10 of Water is often depicted as a family come together under a rainbow of cups. In this card is a feeling of attainment on all levels ~ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. No one person is above the others as having that attainment. All worked together and all have an opportunity to enjoy the success.

And you are all brilliant in this moment. Because you're all here together. You can shine in this moment having gone through those less than shiny moments, again, together. Let it be a joyous day! Spend it with those folks who walked with you to that lovely hill top. Whether it's family, good friends, team members, these are the people who saw you through thick and thin. And you helped them along as well. Look out on the fine view! Shine like the celestial bodies! Everyone's a star here today.

The Everyday Tarot

Sunday, April 15, 2018

a bit of alchemy

You want alchemy / They turn roses into gold
They turn lilacs into honey
They're making love for the peaches

~You Want Alchemy by Kate Bush
It's what Temperance likes to do ~ take one thing and make it another. Like bees making honey from flowers and helping to make more flowers to make more honey. And like the bee, Temperance is a catalyst. Temperance stands in the middle of it all, pulling together bits and pieces. What works comes together to create this new thing. What doesn't is scrapped, possibly for another time. Temperance's aim is to gather the right elements to make gold. Lead has its uses, but gold makes a soul shine.

What do you need to make gold today? Or honey? What do you need to make life feel shiny and sweet? You might have to work with what you've got. If nothing else, Temperance is resourceful. Standing in the middle of things, you might be able to pull from the pile or the swirling events, the few things that matter, the few things that will work together to make a new thing. Like the Alchemist, like the bee. The point is, you are the catalyst for your own day today (it's a Major Arcana card, but just for today, not your whole life ~ keep the perspective) and you can create it any way you like.


Strike a balance and maintain it. Be still despite the hustle and bustle. Be observant, noticing what's working and what's not. Pace yourself and let your demeanor be even and constant. And don't turn down a little honey. Life is meant to be sweet.

The Everyday Tarot

Friday, April 13, 2018

holding loosely

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief

~ All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan
The 4 of Earth keeps it together. Probably a little too closely for comfort. While it's a good idea to maintain what one has, tending boundaries, keeping cash in the account, it's not a good idea to let that maintenance rule one's life to the exclusion of all else. After awhile, the walls get a little too high making for difficult egress into the World.


Yes, spend some time getting those ducks in a row, but know they'll scatter a bit once they get to the pond. At least they're in the pond. And don't they all look like they're having fun ~ ducking under and splashing water? Don't become a warden in your own prison.

The Everyday Tarot

Thursday, April 12, 2018

lost fire

Precious heart, precious seed, precious life conceived
In a ring of fire, in the sleep of peace
Nothing stops desire for the human beat

~ Mosaic by Patti Smith
The Magician has tricks up the sleeve, but they're not being utilized today. Hidden magic is the worst kind because it lies dormant waiting to be known and used. It is potential wasted and lost, it's the missed opportunity, and blind ignorance. Wake up! At least look up your sleeves.

On days when things seem lack luster, you've got to dredge up your own fairy dust and pixie powder, your own magic. It's a tall order, but manageable. As usual, the process begins with Presence. Be where you are today ~ contentment, sorrow, peace, agitation. Try not to look at any present state as good or bad, but as what it is. The one sure thing is, at either end of the spectrum, the situation is transient and changeable. It's a hard job to view the Big Picture when you're in the middle of it, but it's the next part of the magic you can work. Remember that this too shall pass ~ good or bad. Finally, remember you have work to do in this life. You're here for a reason even if that reason is as clear as mud right now. If you're uncertain what to do, try to do the next thing that makes sense, and then the next. It is a mundane sort of magic that will see you through.


Do not despair. A lost fire is never really lost, but just needs to be fed. Find ways to feed your desire, don't squelch it. Fan that ember into a roaring flame and enjoy the warmth.

The Everyday Tarot